netatalk faq

The most frequently asked questions are all answered in the man pages that are packaged with netatalk.
Please consult these first.

1. General Information

2. Troubleshooting

1.1 What is netatalk?

1.2 What is the current version of netatalk?

1.3 What's in store for the future of netatalk?

1.4 Where can I get netatalk?

1.5 What's this acronym mean?

1.6 What platforms does netatalk support?

1.7 How difficult would it be to port netatalk to machine X?

1.8 What's the difference between netatalk and CAP?

1.9 Is there more help available outside this faq?

1.10 How do I pronounce netatalk?

2.1 Users can't log into afpd, but guest works fine.

2.2 When I create a folder on a netatalk/afpd volume, I get an Access Denied error, but the folder is created anyway.

2.3 I've put a .paprc someplace, but I can't get printing to work with lpd/psf/pap.

2.4 I'm trying to use papd on SunOS, but I always get connection timed out. I get a message in syslog about /dev/printer not being found.

2.5 How do I disable CR/LF translation?

2.6 I want to support shadowed passwords.

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