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Many factors influence the meaning of a statistic. But the TV and newspaper don't always provide any more information than the final result. So what can you do?

1. Read more about the statistics in journal articles. You can usually find these articles at a university library or in online academic databases. Unfortunately, many online databases charge expensive membership fees. Search the following sites for free:
Google Scholar
Search peer-reviewed articles, abstracts, and books from all academic disciplines.
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Search the National Center for Biotechnoloy Information's public health databases.
HighWire Press
Search peer-reviewed scholarly content provided by Stanford University's Libraries.
2. To some extent, looking for articles on your own can prove unrealistically time-consuming and expensive. The most important idea to take away from this section is not to automatically change your life for a single number. Consider the scientific validity of the research finding, then determine its meaning in your life.

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