Avik Basu

Avik began his tango journey in 2002 and since then has danced, DJ'd, and performed all over North America. Because he sees tango as a way to discover and improve oneself, he is devoted to sharing it with others. His instruction over the better part of the last decade has been instrumental in developing the Ann Arbor tango community.

Avik specializes in teaching social tango emphasizing connection, musicality, and improvisation. He has come to be known for his clear explanations which expose the core of any tango idea whether it be about movement or musicality. In addition to his regular classes in Ann Arbor, he has taught all over North America and beyond. Some of the more interesting tango adventures he's been on include two month-long immersions in Buenos Aires, DJing Monday night at Salon Canning, teaching tango to a Bollywood actress in Mumbai, India, and touring the U.S. with tango band Trio Folias. Through it all, he continues to have a vivid memory of what it was like to start learning this challenging dance and this aids his teaching in a profound way.

An eternal tango student, Avik has taken classes from dancers in many tango traditions. The teachers who have left their mark most clearly are Gustavo Naveira, Susana Miller, Alex Krebs, and Robin Thomas. And in great measure, he has been guided by his experiences with his many talented students.

Bridget O'Connor

Bridget's first introduction to Argentine Tango was at MTango's first Bootcamp. From her wonderful teachers and the fabulous friends she created there, a deep passion (some may say addiction) for tango developed. With a history of ballet experience, it was the incredible social aspect of the dance that immediately drew Bridget into the tango world. She would like to thank all her teachers, Jenny Wang, Yelena Volfovich, Avik Basu, Patricia Greve and Yelena Sinelnikova for sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with her.

"To dance, thinking is the least advisable way, it restricts to the maximum every creative impulse. Dance is emotion, senses, instinct." -Pablo Veron

Dennis Larkin

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Lisa Larkin

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Miesha White

Miesha is an alum of the very first MTango Bootcamp. It was there that she was lured into the remarkable world of Argentine Tango from her teachers, (and friends), Jenny Wang, Avik Basu, Patricia Greve, and Yelena Volfovich. She loves the music, the shoes (AMAZING!), and the people, but ultimately she lives for the dance. She desires to share this world with more of her friends and family; they will understand her passion and no longer call her crazy when she says Tango is her life.

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music" - Angela Monet

Neika White

Neika White was introduced to Argentine Tango through the MTango's Bootcamp Series. Since the first class (and some encouragement from her sister, Miesha White) dancing tango has become a passion of hers. She has now been dancing for 2 years and has meet some wonderful people all across the nation. For her, "dancing the night away" has become a common theme in her life. Neika encourages all to try tango!