Advanced Raman Microscopy & Chemical Imaging Lab



Matthew Schulmerich has been awarded the 'Kasimir Fajans Award in Chemistry' for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation in Chemistry at the University of Michigan during 2008-09.

Jessica Lopez has been selected to present her work “Assessing bone quality using Raman spectroscopy” on Capitol Hill in DC (April 13, 2011). The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) received 700 applicants of which only 74 were selected.

Michael Morris is named the Richard D Sacks Collegiate Professor of Chemistry (2010)

Jessica Lopez received the Undergraduate poster award at the SAS session in Raleigh , NC (10/17/2010)

Our research work highlighted in C&E News: Raman heads for the clinic (9/20/2010) and picked by the BBC: Painless laser device could spot early signs of disease (9/26/2010)

Jessica Lopez has received the UROP 2010 Summer Fellowship Award to work with Dr. Gurjit Mandair on developing Raman-based measures of bone quality

Gurjit Mandair attended the 2009 NanoBiophotonics Summer School at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Jessica Lopez has joined the Morris group through the UROP initiative and will be working with Dr. Gurjit Mandair on using Raman spectroscopy to characterize fibrotic tissues (Oct 2009)

Jacqueline Cole has won an ASBMR/Harold Frost Young Investigator Award to attend and present a paper on her work at the International Bone and Mineral Research Society 39th annual Sun Valley Workshop on Musculoskeletal Biology in August, 2009.

Matthew Schulmerich receives a Distinguished Dissertation Award (2008) from the Rackham Graduate School.

Mekhala Raghavan has been awarded a Barbour Scholarship for 2009-2010. The Scholarship was established in 1914 at the University of Michigan to train young women in modern science, medicine, mathematics and other specialties critical to the development of their native lands.

Matthew Schulmerich has been awarded the Margaret & Herman Sokol Graduate Summer Research Fellowship (2008) by the department of Chemistry.

Michael Morris has been awarded the 2008 Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award.

Michael Roberto is one of the recipients of the 2007 Walter R. Yates' undergraduate summer research award in Chemistry.

Jacqueline Cole was named an Endocrine Society Fellow - an award to attend and present her work at a special day-long seminar immediately before the meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research in Honolulu (September 2007). Only 75 are awarded nation-wide, with no more than one per institution.

The Spectroscopy Power Couple! - Karen Esmonde-White and Francis Esmonde-White received the best poster awards at FACSS 2007. [Read article, posted with permission from the Society of Applied Spectroscopy]

Matthew Schulmerich was named a Tomas Hirschfeld Scholar - an award to attend and present his work at FACSS 2007. Matt is a previous (2005) winner of a best poster award at FACSS.

Mekhala Raghavan won first prize for her poster in the 'Biomedical Imaging, Fluoroscopy and Microscopy/ Tissue Engineering and Biomechanics' session in the 2007 UM Engineering Graduate Symposium.

Kurtulus Golcuk and Nadder Sahar, grad student with David Kohn in biomedical engineering, shared the best poster award at the Midwest Biomedical Engineering Conference in 2006. Nadder and Kurtulus shared a $100 prize.

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