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Diving Articles

2000 Feet Below Lake Erie

Air Lift Training Device

An Aluminum Alloy 6531 Cylinder Crack

A Wet Suit Drying Rack

Battle Royale

BC 's Are Not Weight Belt Compensating Devices

Brief History Of Mixed Gas Diving

Dive Table Comparison

Diver's Guide To Nitrogen Species

Dry Suit Maintenance

EANx: Early History  

EANx: Review Problems

EANx: Review Problems Answers

EANx: What is this Nitrox Stuff?

Exercise For Reducing No-Mask Anxiety

Experiences With The SeaDoo Bombardier DPV

Friday Night Review  (105 Images, 107 K)

Handling "Doubles"

Hula Hoops And Buoyancy Control

Illuminating A Dive Flag At Night

Inexpensive Scuba Cylinder Storage Rack

Lift Bags and Life

Navigation: Data Gathering (Surveying)

Navigation: Measuring Underwater Distance

Navigation: A Near Shore Mapping Exercise   (29 images, ~ 2 megs)

Navigation: Near Shore Mapping - Adding Objects to the Map

Navigation: Practice Course

Navigation: Course Setup Details

Navigation: Swim Noodles As Dive Markers

Navigation: A Laser Yardstick Measuring Tool

Not Being Cold

"Odd Stuff" I Sometimes Carry To The Dive Site

One Giant Step (Divers of Wet F)

Oxygen Cleaning Techniques

Oxygen Provider: Concerns About Oxygen Toxicity

Oxygen Provider: Boosting Oxygen Concentration In A Pocket Mask

Oxygen Provider: Live Breathing Exercise

Oxygen Provider: The "Ritual" (Providing Informed Consent)

Oxygen Provider: Oxygen Cylinders, Concentrations and Cylinder Labels

Oxygen Provider: Cylinder Types Summary (From Above Article)

Oxygen Provider: Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Oxygen Provider: Oxygen Prescriptions

Oxygen Provider: Why 100 % Oxygen is a Dive Site Necessity

Physics: Altitude Arithmetic

Physics: Archimedes, A Gold Thief, And Buoyancy  

Physics: Calculating Gas Density At Depth

Physics: Estimating Air (Breathing Gas) Consumption  

Physics: Gas Law Primer

Physics: Problem Set Set 1

Physics: Problem Set 1 - Solutions

Physics: Problem Set 2

Physics: Problem Set 2 - Solutions

Physics: Solving Problems (Dimensional Analysis)  

Pool Toys & Games  (50 images, ~ 1 M)

Practical Buoyancy Control

Practical Ear "Clearing"

River Diving: Equipment

River Diving: Navigation in Currents

River Diving: Reading Rivers.

River Diving: Techniques

Stalking the Great Snow Pike

Things Your Instructor May Not Have Told You About Deep Diving

Visualization as an Exercise in Improving Swimming Efficiency

Why I Do NOT Train Kids  (60 images, ~ 900 k)

Your Scuba Cylinder Can Be A Hammer


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