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 The current interest of my lab is molecular signaling of innate immunity mediated by Nod proteins. I am looking for a motivated candidate to join my lab and study the functions of signaling molecules in the immune system. This research project includes functional analysis of genetically altered mice in disease models and in vitro assays. The candidate should have a PhD or MD with experience in molecular or cellular immunology documented by a strong publication record. Information for the scientific topics of our field is available in our recent review in Inohara & Nunez (2003) Nature Review of Immunology 3, 371-382. More information for our publications is also available at

Naohiro Inohara

Department of Pathology,
University of Michigan
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Caspases / other proteases Transcription factors, Translation factors
Caspase regulators / NODs TNF & TNFR families
Bcl-2 family IL & ILR families
Death domain proteins Toll, Ig, selectin, chemokine families
Protein kinases/phosphatases Other NF-kB regulators
Viral apoptosis inhibitors Engulfment (under construction)
Lipid enzymes and its regulators RING, E2 & E3-related
Other apoptosis regulators Apoptosis regulators in zebrafish
More factors Alphabetical Index
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Nunez, G., Benedict, M.A., Hu, Y., Inohara, N. "Caspases: The proteases of the apoptotic pathway." Oncogene 1998 Dec 24;17(25):3237-45  <<<direct download the PDF file from the publisher's site>>>

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