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9th International Conference on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics




8:00-8:30  CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, Rackham Assembly Hall

8:30-8:45  INTRODUCTION, Rackham Amphitheatre

8:45-10:15  SESSION 1
 Session 1A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Optimization I
 Chair: Dr. Ulderico Bulgarelli, INSEAN
  • Y. Tahara, E. F. Campana, D. Peri, A. Pinto, M. Kandasamy and F. Stern, Global Optimization and Variable Fidelity Strategies in the Single and Multiobjective Optimal Design of Fast Multihull Ships
  • J. Kuhn, K. Chevalier, E. Schlageter, C. Scragg and D. Wyatt, The Use of Linear Programming and Basis Functions for Hull-Form Optimization
  • L. Martinelli and A. Jameson, An Adjoint Method for Design Optimization of Ship Hulls

  •  Session 1B, West Conference Room - Overset Grid Methods
     Chair: Dr. Joseph Gorski, NSWC-CD
  • L. P. Mulvihill and C. Yang, Numerical Simulation of Flow over Fully Appended ONR Body-1 with Overset Grid Scheme
  • R. Noack, Enabling Large Amplitude and Relative Motions Through Overlapping Grids
  • J. Huang, P. M. Carrica, S. M. Mousaviraad and F. Stern, Semi-Coupled Air/Water Immersed Boundary Approach in Curvilinear Dynamic Overset Grids with Application to Environmental Effects in Ship Hydrodynamics

  • 10:15-10:45  BREAK, Rackham Assembly Hall

    10:45-12:15  SESSION 2
     Session 2A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Optimization II
     Chair: Professor Pierre Ferrant, Centrale Nantes
  • M. Kotinis and M. Parsons, Numerical Investigation of the Flow at the Stern of a Ballast-Free Bulk Carrier Model
  • E. F. Campana, G. Fasano , D. Peri and A. Pinto, Nonlinear Programming Approaches in the Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Sailing Yacht Keel Fin
  • Y.-T. Lee, V. Ahuja, A. Hosangadi and M. P. Ebert, Optimal Shape for Forces and Moments on a Multi-Element Hydrofoil

  •  Session 2B, West Conference Room - Cartesian Grid Methods
     Chair: Dr. David Whitfield, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • D. G. Dommermuth, T. T. O'Shea, D. C. Wyatt, T. Ratcliffe, G. D. Weymouth, K. L. Hendrikson, D. K. P. Yue, M. Sussman, P. Adams and M. Valenciano, An Application of Cartesian-Grid and Volume-of-Fluid Methods to Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics
  • J. Yang, N. Sakamoto, Z. Wang, P. Carrica and F. Stern, Two Phase Level-Set/Immersed-Boundary Cartesian Grid Method for Ship Hydrodynamics
  • C. Hu and M. Kashiwagi, Numerical and Experimental Studies on Three-Dimensional Water on Deck with a Modified Wigley Model

  • 12:15-1:30  LUNCH, Rackham Assembly Hall

    1:30-3:00  SESSION 3
     Session 3A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Maneuvering I
     Chair: Professor Key Pyo Rhee, Seoul National University
  • T. Xing, J. Shao and F. Stern, BKW- RS-DES of Unsteady Vortical Flow for KVLCC2 at Large Drift Angles
  • A. Di Mascio, R. Broglia and R. Muscari, Numerical Simulations of Viscous Flow Around a Fully Appended Hull with Enforced Motion
  • R.V. Wilson, D. S. Nichols, B. Mitchell, S. L. Karman, Jr., V. C. Betro, D. G. Hyams, K. Sreenivas, L. K. Taylor, W. R. Briley and D. L. Whitfield, Simulation of a Surface Combatant with Dynamic Ship Maneuvers

  •  Session 3B, West Conference Room - Free Surface Problems
     Chair: Dr. Alessandro Iafrati, INSEAN
  • M. F. Trujillo, C.-T. Hsiao, J.-K. Choi, E. G. Paterson, G. L. Chahine, and L. J. Peltier, Numerical and Experimental Study of a Horizontal Jet Below a Free Surface
  • M. Sueyoshi, H. Kihara and M. Kashiwagi, A Hybrid Technique Using Particle and Boundary-Element Methods for Wave-Body Interaction Problems
  • S.-E. Kim and D. Cokljat, Evaluation of a URANS-LES Hybrid Approach for Turbulent Free-Surface Flows Around Surface-Piercing Bodies

  • 3:00-3:30  BREAK, Rackham Assembly Hall

    3:30-5:00  SESSION 4
     Session 4A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Maneuvering II
     Chair: Dr. Douglas Dommermuth, SAIC
  • D. E. Hess, W. E. Faller, L. Minnick, and T. C. Fu, Maneuvering Simulation of Sea Fighter Using A Fast Nonlinear Time Domain Technique
  • R. E. Bensow and C. Fureby, Large Eddy Simulation of Viscous Flow around a Submarine During Maneuver
  • Y. Hong, Computation of Forces and Moments of Undersea Vehicles with Non-Body-Of-Revolution Hull

  •  Session 4B, West Conference Room - Water Waves
     Chair: Dr. Shin Hyung Rhee, Seoul National University
  • H. G. Sung, K. Y. Hong, J. H. Kyoung and S. Y. Hong, The Spectral Element Method Applied to the Viscous Free Surface Flows
  • O. Nwogu, Numerical Modeling of Waves Generated by High-Speed Vessels in Shallow Water with a Coupled Boussinesq-Panel Method
  • B. W. Nam, D. Y. Yoo, J. Kyoung, S. Y. Hong, K. P. Rhee, S. I. Yang and K. J. Bai, Numerical Computations for a Zero Transmission of an Incident Wave in a Three Dimensional Channel

  • TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2007

    8:00-8:30  CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, Rackham Assembly Hall

    8:30-10:00  SESSION 5
     Session 5A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Sloshing
     Chair: Dr. Emilio Campana, INSEAN
  • G. Colicchio, A. Colagrossi, C. Lugni, M. Brocchini and O. M. Faltinsen, Challenges on the Numerical Investigation of the Flip-Through
  • J. Kim, Y. Kim, I.-R. Park, and S. H. Van, Comparisons of Numerical Methods Applied to Violent Sloshing Flows
  • G. Oger, J. M. Rousset, D. Le Touze, B. Alessandrini and P. Ferrant, SPH simulations of 3-D slamming problems

  •  Session 5B, West Conference Room - Ship/Ship Interactions
     Chair: Dr. Patrick Purtell, Office of Naval Research
  • H. J. de Koning Gans, R. Huijsmans and J .A.Pinkster, A Method to Predict Forces on Passing Ships under Drift
  • S. Zhang, K. Weems and W.-M. Lin, Numerical Simulation and Validation of Ship-Ship Interactions in Waves
  • G. L. Chahine, C.-T. Hsiao, J.-K. Choi and M. Tanguay, Numerical Simulation of the Hydrodynamic Behavior of Multiple Vessels in a Harbor

  • 10:00-10:30  BREAK, Rackham Assembly Hall

    10:30-12:00  SESSION 6
     Session 6A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Slamming and Impact Problems
     Chair: Professor Luigi Martinelli, Princeton University
  • Y. Kim, Y. Kim, Y. Liu and D. K. P. Yue, On the Water-Entry Impact Problem of Asymmetric Bodies
  • A. Iafrati, Free Surface Flow Generated by the Water Impact of a Flat Plate
  • S. Malenica and A. A. Korobkin, Some Aspects of Slamming Calculations in Seakeeping

  •  Session 6B, West Conference Room - Ship Resistance
     Chair: Dr. Thomas Fu, NSWC-CD
  • S. Bhushan, T. Xing, P. Carrica and F. Stern, Model- and Full-Scale URANS/DES Simulations for Athena R/V Resistance, Powering, and Motions
  • M. P. Wood, L. M. Gonzalez, J. Izquierdo, A. Sarasquete and L. Perez Rojas, RANSE with Free Surface Computations Around Fixed DTMB 5415 Model and other Balino's Fishing Vessels.
  • E. Jacquin, P.-E. Guillerm and B. Alessandrini, Form Drag Resistance to Ship Power Optimization Using CFD

  • 12:00-1:30  LUNCH, Rackham Assembly Hall

    2:45-11:00  Ford Rouge Tour and Banquet at the Henry Ford Museum


    8:00-8:30  CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, Rackham Assembly Hall

    8:30-10:00  SESSION 7
     Session 7A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Extreme Motions
     Chair: Professor Masashi Kashiwagi, RIAM, Kyushu University
  • S. H. S. Hosseini, I.-R. Park, F. Stern, A. Olivieri, E. F. Campana and A. Francescutto, Complementary URANS CFD and EFD for Validation Extreme Motions Predictions
  • J. H. Kyoung, S. Y. Hong, K. J. Bai and J. W. Kim, Finite Element Computations on Elastic Vertical Cylinder in Extreme Wave Condition
  • C. Yang, H. Lu, R. Lohner , X. Liang and J. Yang, An Unstructured-Grid Based VOF Method for Ship Motions Induced by Extreme Waves

  •  Session 7B, West Conference Room - High Speed Vessels
     Chair: Dr. Hoyt Raven, MARIN
  • Y. Sato, K. Uzawa and H. Miyata, Validation of Motion Prediction Method for Trimaran Vessels
  • K. J. Maki, L. J. Doctors, S. H. Rhee, W. M. Wilson, R. F.Beck and A. W. Troesch, Resistance Prediction for a High-Speed Sealift Trimaran
  • B. Milewski, B. Connell, J. Wilson and D. Kring, Dynamics of Air Cushion Vehicles Operating in a Seaway

  • 10:00-10:30  BREAK, Rackham Assembly Hall

    10:30-12:00  SESSION 8
     Session 8A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Radiation/Diffraction Problems
     Chair: Professor June Bai, MOERI
  • P. Wellens, J. A. Pinkster, R. H. M. Huijsmans and A. E. P. Veldman, 3D Diffraction Theory Based Boundary Conditions
  • R. Luquet, G. Ducrozet, L. Gentaz, P. Ferrant and B. Alessandrini, Applications of the SWENSE Method to Seakeeping Simulations in Irregular Waves
  • M. H. Nguyen, M. Ba, S. Huberson and M. Guilbaud, Hydrodynamic Flow Calculations Around Surface Piercing Bodies in the Frequency Domain

  •  Session 8B, West Conference Room - Transom Sterns
     Chair: Professor Armin Troesch, University of Michigan
  • K. J. Maki, L. J. Doctors and R. F. Beck, On the Profile of the Flow behind a Transom Stern
  • B. Starke, H. Raven and A. van der Ploeg, Computation of Transom-Stern Flows Using a Steady Free-Surface Fitting RANS Method
  • L. Russell, T. Ratcliffe, T. Fu, A. Fullerton, J. Grimsley, A Comprehensive Set of Code Validation Data for Planing Boat Forces in Calm Water and Regular Waves

  • 12:00-1:30  LUNCH, Rackham Assembly Hall

    1:30-3:00  SESSION 9
     Session 9A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Nonlinear Ship Motions
     Chair: Dr. Woei-Min Lin, Science Applications Internal Corporation
  • T. Mikami and M. Kashiwagi, A Time-Domain Nonlinear Strip Method with Whipping Taken into Account
  • W. Qiu and H. Peng, Computation of Large Amplitude Ship Motion in the Time Domain
  • X. Zhang, P. Bandyk and R. F. Beck, Large Amplitude Body Motion Computations in the Time-Domain

  •  Session 9B, West Conference Room - Propulsion
     Chair: Professor Spyros Kinnas, University of Texas, Austin
  • S. J. P. Watson and P. W. Bull, Modelling of Two-Dimensional Unsteady Effects Within Marine Propulsion
  • T. Hino, H. Kobayashi and H. Takeshi, CFD-Based Design of Ship Hull Forms with Azimuth Propulsion System
  • K. S. Kim, J. Kim, I. R. Park, G. D. Kim and S. H. Van, RANS analysis for Hull-Propeller-Rudder Interaction of A Commercial Ship by Using the Overset Grid Scheme

  • 3:00-3:30  BREAK, Rackham Assembly Hall

    3:30-5:00  SESSION 10
     Session 10A, Rackham Amphitheatre - Sea Fighter
     Chair: Professor Lawrence Doctors, The University of New South Wales
  • T.C. Fu, A.M. Fullerton and L. Minnick, Characterization of Sea Fighter, FSF-1, Wave Slam Events
  • W.-M. Lin, S. Zhang, K. Weems, P. Jones, M. Meinhold, B. Metcalf and A. M. Powers, Numerical Simulation and Validation Study of Wetdeck Slamming on High Speed Catamaran
  • E. J. Terrill and G. Taylor, Measuring Waves at Sea for the Validation of Wave Generation and Seakeeping Codes

  •  Session 10B, West Conference Room - Cavitation
     Chair: Dr. Ki-Han Kim, Office of Naval Research
  • M. P. Kinzel, J. W. Lindau, R. F. Kunz, J. Peltier, E. Paterson and R. W. Noack, Computational Investigations of Air Entrainment, Hysteresis, and Loading for Large-Scale, Buoyant Cavities
  • E. Amromin, Design of Bodies with Drag Reduction by Partial Cavitation as an Inverse Ill-Posed Problem for Velocity Potential
  • S. A. Kinnas, H. Lee, T. J. Michael and H.Sun, Prediction of Cavitating Waterjet Propulsor Performance Using a Boundary Element Method