Functions of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee:











Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) got its present name in January 1990. Its predecessor, Chinese Student Association (CSA), was formed more than 50 years ago. Before the 1970s, the members of CSA also included Chinese from Taiwan, Mainland China and Southeast Asian countries. However, with the development of new student associations for students from Mainland China and Taiwan, CSA gradually became a student association consisted mainly of Hong Kong students. With more than 250 students from Hong Kong, HKSA believes that the university life can be more colorful. The Association tries its best to organize a wide variety of events and functions for students to participate, regardless of members and non-members. The Association also welcomes students from other countries to join us in order to enhance understanding between peoples of different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles.

Functions of the Executive Committee

The executive committee of the HKSA is elected every October. A transitional period is then followed until mid- or late-January to ensure a smooth handover. The executive committee has nine positions and their major responsibilities are as follows:

President Serves as the chief executive of the executive committee. Oversees the general administration of the HKSA; conduct meetings and coordinate activities. Provides leadership, direction and goal of the committee.

Vice President in Operations Assists the President in the administration process. Facilitates communication between the President and the executive committee. Serves the role of chief executive when requested by the President or when the situation requires it.

Vice President in External Relations Maintains connections with other student organizations, including those in the University of Michigan, as well as, those in other universities. Chief in organizing joint-SA events, such as Halloween Dance, Christmas Dance, Summer Dance, Moviefest and etc.

Treasurer Manages cash flow and budgeting; prepares events, semester and annual financial reports; coordinates fundraising efforts. Knowledge of bookkeeping preferred but not required.

Secretary Prepares agendas and minutes for the executive committee meeting; updates membership list, e-mail list and phone directory. Responsible for all documentations involved throughout the year.

Activities Director Initiates and organizes various internal and external recreational events to accommodate the various interests of the members in HKSA.

Communications Director Responsible for public relations, organizing and coordinating events and activities.

Publication Director Leads publication team to produce 1-2 issues of the HKSA newsletter each semester. Chief of all HKSA publication production. Sends advertisements and promotional materials to members.

Information Technology Director Leads the IT team in maintaining the HKSA WWW site up to date. Provides technical assistance on publication matters. Knowledge of HTML language required, Java, Java-script and Chinese typesetting preferred.

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