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Christian Sandvig

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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Regular Courses:
Algorithms & Society (new!)
(SI 431)

Data Science Ethics
(SIADS 503)

Digital Media Foundations
(COMM 362)

Graduate Student Instructor Training Workshop
(COMM 993)

Knowledge/Power/Practice in Science, Technology & Medicine
(RACKHAM 619 / SI 710 / COMM 820 / HISTORY 619 / AMCULT 620)

Algorithmic Culture
(SI 710 / COMM 820)

Unorthodox Research Methods
(SI 755 / COMM 840)

First-Year Doctoral Research Project
(COMM 698)

Information in Social Systems
(SI 500)

Technology & Play
(COMM 469)

Designing & Analyzing Social Media Feeds
(SI 316 / COMM 404)

Behind the Digital Screen
(COMM 313)

Workshop on Managing the Information Environment
(COMM 111)

Colloquiua / Special Event Series Co-Organizer:

The Ethics and Politics of AI (2019)

Auditing Algorithms (2017-2018)

Digital Futures (2015-2017)

Courses from Past Institutions That I No Longer Teach

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2002-2012)

Regular Courses:
Culture as Data: Social Spaces on the Internet (with Prof. Karrie Karahalios)
Making the World Wireless: Service Learning in Technology Policy
Internet Law & Policy
Doctoral Seminar on Communication Technology
Colloquiua / Special Event Series Co-Organizer:
The Year of Social Media
InfoStructure: Intersections Between Social and Technological Systems
Movies Even an Engineer Would Love

Oxford University (2001-2002)

Economics of Information Tutorial**
Internet Law & Policy Seminar

Stanford University (1999-2001)

Computers and Interfaces*
Media Economics*
Media Technologies, People, and Society*
Public Policy Ethics*
Science, Technology, & Contemporary Society*
Journalism and the Internet

* - as TA     ** - Stanford at Oxford Programme


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