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Thanks for thinking I'm interesting enough to check up on. If you've come this far, I dare you to say hello before you leave.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: I am a visiting professor at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey until Fall 2024.

OF INTEREST: Over the past few years I have been suing the Attorney General of the United States. A March 2020 ruling was hailed as "a major victory for civil liberties and civil rights enforcement."

AS OF JUNE 2021: The US Supreme Court has ruled that journalists & computing researchers who investigate online platforms aren't criminal hackers who "exceed authorized access." And they cited... us! Very exciting.

AS OF MAY 2022: The US Department of Justice has changed national policy on hacking prosecutions based on our research.

(Here is an older summary of the case.)

I am the Director of ESC: the Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing as well as the H. Marshall McLuhan Collegiate Professor of Digital Media at the University of Michigan.

At Michigan I teach courses about computers, data science, and digital media in both the School of Information and the Department of Communication & Media. I am a member of the Center for Political Studies at the Institute for Social Research.

I am also in Art & Design; Science, Technology, & Society; and Digital Studies.

My research investigates the consequences of algorithmic systems that curate and organize culture, especially social media. Usually, I read. Sometimes, I write. Often, I drink coffee. I might be found in a cafe drinking coffee and reading, or at home drinking coffee and writing. Or just drinking coffee. (This is supposed to be a fun, informal description of what I do. I also have a more formal one and introductory examples.)



US Mail:

Christian Sandvig
University of Michigan
Room 5385 North Quad
105 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285

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5385 NQ
105 S. State St.


5385 North Quad

office phone: (734) 763-0861
FAX: (734) 764-3288


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