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Notes for Ann Dimmock

Savage called her Anne, daughter of William Hammond of Watertown. The entry in Rev. Lothrop's record referring to Elizabeth Hammond (wife of Samuel House) as "sister" has been taken to mean John's second wife Anne was Anne Hammond, Elizabeth's sister. Instead, Elizabeth's husband was the brother of Lothrop's first wife, Hannah.
The marriage to John Lothrop is based on Dr. Roland Hammond's Hammond Genealogy of 1894, but the author of the later Hammond genealogy considered the evidence unconvincing. That genealogy shows Anne, daughter of William Hammond to have married (1) Timothy Hawkins of Watertown who died 1650 or 1651 and (2) Ellis Barron of Watertown. Barron was frequently written "Barnes", making her the daughter Barnes mentioned in the will of William Hammond. There is no mention of an Anne Lothrop in William Hammond's will, and the Ann who married John Lothrop was still living at that time.
Rev. John Lothrop and second wife Anne had children Barnabas, John, and Abigail. In his will, John made bequests "To my wife, my new dwelling house.... To the rest of the children, both mine and my wife's, each a cow." This indicates this wife survived him, and that she had been previously married.
Wakefield, in his "Additions and Corrections to Torrey's Marriages" (New Haven: The American Genealogist, 1996, vol. 71, p. 147) identifies her as Anne Dimmock.