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1688 Phebe Kirkbride, daughter of Joseph Kirkbride and Phebe Blackshaw, was born on January 7, 1688/9. [1]

1706 Phebe Kirkbride and John Hutchinson, of Bucks County, were married in May. [2] [3]

John Hutchinson was for many years the overseer of the Falls Monthly Meeting and was prominent in the affairs of that section of the county. [4]

The link between John Hutchinson and Phebe is inferred from the wills of John Hutchinson and Phebe's father, John Kirkbride. John Hutchinson's will refers to brother-in-law Mahlon Kirkbride, to daughters Phebe and Hannah Murphy, but to no wife. Phebe's father's will gives a bequeath to grand-daughter Hannah Murphy and to the other daughters of Phebe (suggesting that she is already dead) [5].

1726 John Hutchinson of Falls and Sarah Burges were married on 24 of month 3, at the Falls monthly meeting, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The marriage was witnessed by Ellen, Joseph, and John Burges; Joseph, Mary, Joseph, Sarah, Sarah, Mary, and Mahlon Kirkbride; Samuel and Priscilla Bunting, Martha Marriott, and many others. [6] [7]

1736 John Hutchinson, son of John Hutchinson, of Falls Twp, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and Ann Stanaland were married on 13 of month 2, at the Falls monthly meeting. Witnessed by John and Ann Hutchinson, among others. [8]

1745 The will of John Hutchinson, tailor of Falls Twp, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was dated January 24, 1740/41 and was proved on November 27, 1745. The will named brothers-in-law John Burgess and Mahlon Kirkbride as executors. Children: John, Joseph, Thomas, Michel, Randle, Hanna Murphy, Samuel, Priscilla, Phebe, Mary and Marcy Hutchinson. Land in Quohocking, Salem County, in New West Jersey. Land sold to Michale Reup to be confirmed to him when he pays. Witnessed by Daniel Burgess, Samuel Burgess, and Elen Burgess. [9]

1746 A newspaper notice was published: "All Persons indebted to the estate of John Hutchinson, deceased, are hereby desired to make speedy payment; and those who have any demands against the said estate, are desired to produce them in order for payment. John Burge, Mah. Kirkbride, Executors." [10]

1748 The will of Sarah Hutchinson, widow, of Falls Twp, Bucks County, was dated 8th month, 28th day, 1748 and was proved on November 19, 1748. The will named brother-in-law Samuel Bunting, four children: Samuel Hutchinson, Priscilla Coats, Phebe Hutchinson, and Mary Hutchinson. Executor son Samuel. Grand-daughter Sarah Coats. Witnessed by Thomas Green, Phebe Milnor, and Samuel Burgess. [11] [12]

1749 Sarah Hutchinson was named as a deceased sister of Daniel Burgess in his estate proceedings. Her children Priscilla, Phoebe, and Mary were of age (over 21) and Samuel was over 14. Other siblings and their spouses and children were also named. Dated March 15. [13]

1749 The estate records of Daniel Burgess, of Falls Twp, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, named wife Dorothy, brother Joseph with six children, brother Samuel with three daughters, brother John with two children, sister Priscilla Bunting, and sister Sarah Hutchinson with four children: Priscilla, Pheobe, Mary, and Samuel (a minor age over 14). Dated September 14. [14]

1751 Son Joseph died and the sale of his land was arranged by sons Michael and Randal: "To be sold, A Plantation, late the property of Joseph Hutchinson, deceased, situate in the Falls township, about 6 miles from Bristol, containing 100 acres, about 30 acres of good meadow cleared, about 40 acres of upland cleared, and the whole in good repair; a house, barn and other conveniences, and a good orchard: The title indisputable. Any person that inclines to purchase the same, may apply to the subscribers, and know the terms. Michael Hutchinson, and Randel Hutchinson, executors. " [15]

Their grandson [son of Randal] was named as James Hutchinson, a distinguished physician of Philadelphia, surgeon-general for the state, and director of hospitals during the Revolutionary War. James Hutchinson married Lydia Biddle. [16] [17]

"John Hutchinson, for many years an Overseer of Falls Monthly Meeting and prominent in the affairs of that section of the county, married Phebe Kirkbride, daughter of Joseph Kirkbride, by his first wife, Phebe Blackshaw, daughter of Randal Blackshaw, of Hollingee, in the county of Chester, England, who, with Alice, his wife, and children, Phebe, Sarah, Jacob, Mary, Nehemiah and Martha, came over in the "Submission," arriving in Maryland, 9mo. 2, 1682, and made their way overland to Bucks county." [18]

Research Notes:

A biosketch reports [19]:

The ancestor of the Hutchinson family in this part of the country was John Hutchinson, a member of the Society of Friends, who came to the province from England prior to 1702 and settled in Falls Township, Bucks County. The earliest mention of him is Dec. 17, 1702, when he signs as a witness the marriage certificate of Joseph Kirkbride, Jr., and Sarah Stacy. He married May 1, 1706, Phoebe Kirkbride, born in Bucks County Jan. 7, 1686-7. Her father was an influential man, and one of the wealthiest denizens of Bucks County. His landed possessions at his death amounted to 13,000 acres. Phrebe Hutchinson died about 1724. John Hutchinson married, secondly, May 24, 1726, Sarah Burgess, daughter of Samuel Burgess. His death occurred in 1745. John Hutchinson was the father of 11 children, 6 by the first wife and 5 by the second.

The Hutchinsons of Philadelphia are descended from Randall Hutchinson, the fifth child of John Hutchinson. He was born Oct. 1, 1720, and lived on a plantation at Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County. Married, first, Elizabeth Harvey, daughter of Matthias Harvey, Jr., a landed proprietor of Bucks County; married, secondly, about 1749, Catherine Rickey, born Oct. 20, 1720. She survived her husband, who died in 1769. The first wife had three children, the second wife four. Three of these, Matthias, James, and Mahlon, left issue.

James, the eldest son of the second wife, born in 1752, was the "first to identify himself with Philadelphia," and the descent through him is of interest to us in this connection. He studied medicine, and in the Revolutionary War was appointed surgeon's mate July 31, 1778, promoted surgeon Feb. 1, 1779, and surgeon-general of Pennsylvania. He made a distinguished record as a physician, and in addition took great interest in measures proposed for the good of the country, including some concerning the currency. In 1779 he became a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania, but resigned the office in two years. April 16, 1779, he was elected a member of the American Philosophical Society and was its secretary until his death. His residence was on Second Street between Walnut and Spruce. Washington notes in his diary: "Sept. 6, 1787, dined at Dr. Hutchinson's." In 1781 he purchased the house and lands on the Schuylkill formerly belonging to Joseph Galloway. In 1791 Dr. Hutchinson was made professor of chemistry in the University of Pennsylvania. He died Sept. 5, 1793, a victim to the epidemic of yellow fever which ravaged Philadelphia at that time. He married, first, Feb. 18, 1779, Lydia Biddle, daughter of John and Sarah (neeOwen) Biddle, sister of Colonel Clement Biddle, of the Revolution. She died Sept. 4, 1785. Married, secondly, Dec. 2, 1786, Sidney Evans Howell, daughter of Joseph and Sidney (née Evans) Howell, who survived her husband many years, and died in Philadelphia Aug. 26, 1838. The first wife had a son, named James Hutchinson, who graduated A.B. Univ. of Penna. 1798, and in medicine about 1803. Served for a time in the Pennsylvania Hospital. He was unmarried. We do not find the record of his birth and death. The second wife had two sons, Randall and Israel Pemberton, and both married and had issue. Randall Hutchinson had two children who died in infancy,—one, James Pemberton Hutchinson, born Sept. 16, 1816, died Feb. 11, 1819, the other, Catherine Helen Hutchinson, born Oct. 23, 1818, died Aug. 15, 1820, and a third child, named Sydney, who died unmarried.

This John Hutchinson, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, married twice, to Sarah Burgess and Phebe Kirkbride, and died about 1745. A different John Hutchinson [20] was the son of Thomas Hutchinson, the New Jersey Proprieter of Hutchinson's manor, lived in Hopewell Twp, Burlington County, and died about 1704.

We are researching these Hutchinson families as part of our research of Samuel Hutchinson [21].

We do not know the relationships among these Hutchinson lines, if any, and welcome further information about them. Richard Hutchinson [22] has detailed documentation about these, and other, Hutchinson lines.


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