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Notes for Edward Stevenson

1640 Land near Southampton was purchased by an Indian deed. Edward Stephenson and Thomas Whitehead, among others, were witnesses. [1]

1656 Thomas Stevenson and Widow Stevens were listed as residents of Middleburg [Newtown], Long Island. [2]

1662 The widow of Edward Stevenson and other inhabitants of Middleborrow and Mespath Kil, signed an agreement that they would not sell goods without paying the rent to the Dutch director-general. Dated July 3. Thomas Stevenson was not listed. [3] [4] [5]

1670 The last will & Testament of John Stevenson of Newtown named sister Sarah Heir and brothers Thomas and Edward. Brother Thomas was named sole executor. Patrick Hair, spouse of Sarah, was not to inherit her share. Dated December 13. His mother was not named, so she may have alread died. [6]

1672 Son Thomas Stevenson, of Newtown in the west Riding of Yorkshire on Long Island, sold meadow land formerly of Edward Stevenson to Jacob Reeder. The land was bounded to the north by Ralph Hunts, to the south by Thomas Robardson [Robinson], on the east by Flushing Creek, and the west by the town road. Dated August 30. [7] [8]


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