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Notes for Hutchinson

"Although unsubstantiated, Charles Robbins Hutchinson, b. 1838, an early New Jersey family historian and genealogist who was a direct descendant of John Hutchinson and Elizabeth Pearson proposed that the three men Jonathan Hutchinson husband of Elizabeth Dissoway, John Hutchinson husband of Elizabeth Pearson, and William Hutchinson husband of Ann Simpson were brothers." [1]

Other Hutchinson researchers have found dna matches between descendants of the two Jonathans and William Hutchinson, whom we show as brothers. We seek further evidence about the relationship between them. [2]

Jonathan Hutchinson first appeared in the known written record of his day upon purchasing land on September 24, 1737, together with his assumed cousin or brother, William Hutchinson. This connection has long been reported by certain branches of descendants and recently it has been supported by DNA testing on descendants of both lines. This William Hutchinson was the husband of Ann Simpson. There is no known evidence of Jonathan's locations prior to 1737. Some lines do report that the brothers came together from England. Other lines state that they were told that the father of William and Jonathan was a Robert Hutchinson who left England due to religious persecution. No firm proof of a connection to a Robert Hutchinson has been yet located.


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