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Notes for DNA Abraham Pence

1800 Abraham Pence lived in Pendleton District, South Carolina in a household with males: 1 (under 10) and 1 (16 thru 25); and females: 1 (under 10) and 1 (16 thru 25). [1]

1810 Abm Pence lived in Pendleton County, South Carolina in a household with males: 3 (under 10), 1 (16 thru 25), and 1 (26 thru 44); and females: 1 (10 thru 15), 1 (16 thru 25), 1 (26 thru 44), and 1 (45 and over). [2]

1824 Abraham Pence, of Haywood County, North Carolina, purchased 200 acres on Pigeon River from John Patter Senior. Dated June 14. [3]

1824 Bond for the marriage of Abraham Pence and Frankey Davis, dau. of William, was posted on September 21, in Haywood County, North Carolina. Bond by Nicholas Massey. Witnessed by Wm Welch. [4] [5]

1827 Abraham Pence, of Haywood County, North Carolina, released 100 acres on Pigeon River to Andrew Ferguson. Adjacent landowners were Robert Palo, and John Patterson. James McDowell and Joseph Patterson previously lived on the land. Witnessed by Samuel Noland and John Davi?us [6]

1827 The will of Abraham Pence was dated October 6, in Haywood, North Carolina. The will had been lost and was recorded again in 1889. [7] [8][9]

North Carolina, Haywood County. October the 6th 1827. This is Abraham Pence's Last Will and Testament, is my oldest daughter Anna Nice, one dollar, Cassay Patterson one dollar, Abraham Pence, one dollar, Absolom Pence, one dollar, John Pence, one dollar, Melinda Pence, one dollar, Susie Elvira Pence, one dollar, Elizabeth Rice, one dollar, Caroline Pence, fifty dollars, when she comes of age, Cinthia Pence, fifty dollars, when she comes of age, my land's Stock together with all the rest of the property to my wife Frankey Pence, for the use of raising the children during her life or widowhood after my just debts are paid.
Abraham Pence
Test.- Catey Stevenson
Test.- Sam'l Noland, Jurat
Executors Sam'l Lovingood, John Rogers.

Then on page of the Minutes of the County Court of Pleas and quarter Sessions of Said County of Haywood at December Sessions 1827 is the following record, to wit:
The last Will & Testament of Abraham Pence was exhibited in open court for Probate, which was proven thus, Sam'l Noland one of the subscribing witnesses Swears that he subscribed the same in the presence of the Testator, and that he believes, that the testator at the time of Sound mind and disposing memory. Ordered that the same be recorded at length.

1837 An inventory of the estate was recorded in Haywood County, North Carolina dated January 5, 1828. A calculation of interest accrued at 6% per year was made on April 4, 1837. John Rogers, Andrew Ferguson, and Samuel Lovingood posted bond as guardians of Caroline Pence and Senthey Pence, minor heirs and orphans of Abraham Pence, in Haywood County, North Carolina (fee paid 1837, dated March 22, 1846). Matilda Carroline Pence of Jefferson County, Tennessee, appointed an attorney to collect her share of the estate as daughter and heir of Abraham Pence, dated September 11, 1846. John Lane and Caroline Lane (formerly Pence), and Cynthia Adeline White (formerly Pence) appointed Solomon A. White of Jefferson County, Tennessee as their attorney, dated August 17, 1848. [10]

Research Notes:

There are several DNA matches with Robert Wolfe among reported descendants of Abraham Pence. Several descendants of Abraham Pence match Weigle and Brenizer descendants. Both Abraham Pence and the mother of John Weigle died in Haywood, North Carolina. Perhaps Margaret, spouse of John Weigel, was a daughter of unknown Pence. Perhaps Margaret was a sister of Abraham Pence. Weirich Pence, of Lancaster County settled adjacent to Jacob Wise, an ancestor of the Brenizer descendants. No relationship is known between Weirich and Abraham Pence. We show Abraham as a son of Weirich only to suggest an unknown relationship of some sort, but likely not a father-son relationship.

We seek evidence clarifying that Elizabeth Rice was Abraham's first wife. Some researchers report her name as Elizabeth Marge. Some researchers suggest that several of the children named in the will of Abraham Pence were step children. What is the basis for the name Darley? Why was there a gap in the births of children. When did Elizabeth die?

Abraham's will of 1827 clarifies that nearly all assets (except for $1 per heir) were granted to second wife Frankey and her two daughters with Abraham. Who was the Elizabeth Rice named in Abraham's will? Was she the youngest daughter by a first wife or was she an estranged wife?

1789 Some researchers report Charles Pence, died August 15 in Georgia, as the father of Abraham Pence. [11]

Several researchers report Moses Rice and Mary Hardin as the parents of Elizabeth Rice.
1785 Moses Rice received a grant for 150 acres on Shale Creek and Broad River, Rutherford County, North Carolina adjoining Isaac Rice's land. [12]

1774 Charles Bentz was granted 100 acres in St. Paul Parish August 2, bounded on the northeast by John Shaw. [13] [Georgia Colonial Conveyances: https://vault.georgiaarchives.org/digital/collection/test3/search Charles Bentz not found]

We have identified several DNA matches of Robert who are reported as descendants of Abraham Pence and Elizabeth Rice. Another DNA match to a Pence family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania may also be matched to these families.

DNA Many of these DNA matches match each other (shared matches with each other). Several share links with a descendant of Michael Brenizer and Mary Wise. Nearly all share matches with other Pence and with Unknown 4.


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