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Notes for Aaron Robbins

1759 Aron Robins wrote his will [1]:

April 6. Robins, Aron, of New Hanover, Burlington Co.; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Children — Samuel, Aron, Daniel, Elizabeth Quicksal, Abigail Buck. Grandchildren — Margrate Quicksal, Margrate Holloway, Mary and Margret Stuard, James Robens. Names also the two eldest daughters of Josiah Smith and children of son Ephraim, viz., James, Lucia, Ephraim and Mergrate. Personal estate. Executors — sons Daniel Robins and Moses Robins (not mentioned before), of Allens Town. Witnesses — Benjamin Kirby, Joseph Arney, William Lawrie. Proved April 19, 1759. Lib. 9, p. 326.

1759, Apr. 12. Inventory, £213.9.6, incl. bonds and mortgages, £169.6; made by Isaac Forman and William Lawrie.


[1] Elmer T. Hutchinson, Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey. Archives Vol. 35. (Wills and Administrations 6, 1781-1785) (1939), 328, [InternetArchive].