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Notes for William Beasley

1705 William Beasley Senr, of St Anne parish, purchased land from Samuel Carter and wife Mary. The deed was dated August 10. [1]

1714 William Brown sold land to Martin Willard, both of St. Anne parish. The land was on S. side Rappa. River, "upon the branches of Lucas his creek" and adj. land of John Martin, William Beasley, and John Williams. Deed dated March 20, 1713/14. [2]

1718 The will of William Beezley was dated January 21, 1718/19, and presented in court on November 19, 1719 . An abstract states, [3] [4]

Will of William Beezley, being sick and weak in body, dated 21 Jan. 1718 [1719]
To my eldest son William fifty acres of land adjoyning to the plantation where he now lives. After his decease to his eldest son William.
To my son Benjamin forty acres of land adjoyning to the plantation where he now lives and also all the land I have of that side of the branch next to John Pitts.
To my son Henry fifty acres of land lying next to my son Benjamin.
To my son John fifty acres of land lying next to my son Henry's land.
All the remaining part of my land to my son Charles Beezly.
Unto my loveing wife Mary Beezly all my personall estate.
My loveing wife Mary Beezly executrix.
William (X) Beezley
Wit: Saml. Stallord, Ann (X) Phillips, Charles Adkion.
17 Nov. 1719. Presented in Court by Mary Beezley, executrix.
Proved by Sam'l and Charles Atkinson.

1729 John Beasley sold land to Henry Beasley. The land had been given to John by William Beasley, deceased. [5]

This Indenture made the fifteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & twenty nine between John Beazley of Caroline County of the one part, and Henry Beazley of Essex County on the other part. Witnesseth that the sd John Beazley for in consideration of the sum of fifteen hundred pounds of tobo [tobacco] cask to him in hand paid by the sd Henry Beazley doth hereby acknowledge hath granted, bargained, sold, enpowered, & confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain, sell, enpower, & confirm unto the sd Henry Beasley his heirs & assigns all that tract or parcel of land which was given to the sd John Beazley by William Beazley of Essex County decd. situate in the County of Essex and being by estimation fifty acres, and adjacent to the sd Henry Beazley's own land together with all & singular way, waters, woods underwoods - timber, & timber trees with all other the profits commodities hereditaments, & appurtenances, thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining (only the sd Beazley doth except half an acre of land conveniently adjoining and including the burying place) and the reversions & remainders unto & services & all the Estate, right, title, property claim & demand whatsoever of him the sd John Beazley of in & to the same to have and to hold the said fifty acres of with all its rights members & appurtenances unto him the sd Henry Beazley his heirs, & assigns for ever and John Beazley for himself his heirs & assigns to the only proper use & behoof of him the said Henry Beazley his heirs, & assigns the said granted land & premises with all its appurtenances, shall & will warrant forever defend by these presents, and the said John Beazley for himself his heirs, Execr's, & admrs, doth covenant promise & grant to &with the sd Henry Beazley his heirs & assigns & to & with every of them by these presents that the sd John Beazley now is lawfully seized in his dimifine? Of fee of and ? sd granted land & premises & hath good right & authority in & law to grant bargain sell & confirm the same, and every part & parcel therof and also that the sd land & premises now is & shall forever hereafter remain unto the sd Henry Beazley his heirs & assigns free & clear & freely & clearly acquitted exonerated & discharged or upon every reasonable request thereof to be made sufficiently kept & harmless & endemnified by the sd John Beazley his heirs assigns of & from all former and other bargains sales gifts grants wills entails &c and from all other charges & incumberances whatsoever the quit rents which shall hereafter become due & payable to our sovereign Lord King George his heirs & successors only excepted & foreprized? And that he the said Henry Beazley his heirs & assigns shall & may forever hereafter quietly and peacefully have hold occupy possess & enjoy the sd granted land & premises & every part thereof except the aforementioned half acre which is to be laid off at the discretion of him the sd Henry his heirs &c to include the burying place and that he the sd John Beazley his heirs & assigns at any time or times hereafter at the request and cost in the law of him the sd Henry Beazley shall do make power? & executie all & every such other act & acts devices, and as? In the law for the more sure making & conveying of the sd land and premises as by him the sd Henry or his heirs or assigns or by his or their councils learned in the law shall be reasonable devised & advised or required. In Witness whereof the parties to these presents interchangeably have set their hands and seals the day & date being first above written.

John (his mark) Beazley

Winefred (her mark) Beazley

Signed, sealed & deliverd in the presence of us

Sam Biswell

Richard Billups

Nicholas (his mark) Adkinson

At a Court held for Essex County on the 16th day of September 1729

John Beezley acknowledged this his deed in desired to Henry Beezley which on his motion is admitted to record

All the same day - Winefred Beezley came into Court & freely relinquished her right of dower in the land & premises conveyed by this deed to Henry Beezley which is admitted to record.

Research Notes:

We are researching possible ancestors of Winifred Beasley, spouse of Micajah Pickett. Winifred is plausibly a daughter of John Beasley, son of this William Beasley.

A documented study, along with speculative hypotheses, about this family has been published. [6]

DNA matches of Robert's family:

Several DNA matches of Robert show plausible descents from this William Beasley. Some disagree with details of the descents shown here. We seek further evidence to clarify this Beasley family.

Self-reported descendants of Samuel Beasley (1774-1840). Reported as a son of Thomas Beasley (1730-1785) and Martha, reportedly a son of James Beasley (1704-1758) and Mary Ann Wollard, reportedly a son of Robert Beasley (1678-1719) and Mary Bentley.

Self-reported descendants of Violator Beasley (1738-1795) and John Dyess. Reportedly a daughter of Solomon Beasley (1707-1789) and Rachel Eda Taylor, son of John Beasley and Sarah Joann Jenkins.

Self-reported descendants of Hannah Beasley (1714-1793) and Thomas Bentley. Possibly a daughter of Robert Francis Beasley (1678-1719) and Hannah Bentley or Beasley.

Self-reported descendant of Mary Molly Beasley (1778-1853) and Honorias Powell, daughter of Captain J Beasley (?), son of Bennet Beasley (1758). Perhaps daughter of Jeremiah Beasley (1758-1853), son of Bennet Beasley (1720-1758) and Anna Anderson.

Self-reported descendant of Solomon Beasley (1772-1862), son of John Beasley, son of Solomon Beasley (1707-1791), son on John Beasley (1685-1755), son of William Beasley (1665-1719).

Self-reported descendant of Nancy Beasley (1795-1863) and Caleb Golden, daughter of James Beasley (1760-1821).

Self-reported descendant of Mary Beasley (1774) and John Patterson. Reportedly a daughter of John Beasley (1755-1808, of Beasley Island, North Carolina) and Margaret Smith.

Self-reported descendant of Elizabeth Beasley (1728-1808) and William Watts, daughter of James Beasley (1708).

Self-reported descendant of Charles Beasley (1827-1874) and Martha, son of Charles Beasley.

Self-reported descendant of Diana Beasley and James Daniel Matheny (1732-1799).

Self-reported descendant of John Thomas Beasley (1724-1795), son of James John Beasley (1681-1768), son of Robert Francis Beasley(1658-1695), son of Robert Beasley (1630-1693).

John Thomas Beasley (1724-1795), is shown as an ancestor of these two matches of Robert:


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