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Notes for Raphe Wortley

Research Notes:

1321 A charter described land formerly of Ralph de Worteleye. [1]:

(1321) Saturday next before the Feast of Saint Laurence Martyr (10th August), in the 15th year of Edward (II) son of King Edward. Charter (Lat.), dated at Staveleye, con?rming a grant from Robert Smith (Faber) of Ducmonton to William Smith (Faber) his brother of Staveleye, of two roods of arable land lying in the western fields of Staveley, of which one rood lay above Gossecroft, between land formerly of Ralph de Worteleye and land of the rector of the church, and the other rood lay near Hynkersuldyck, between lands of Ralph de Worteley and lands of Richard de Hyllion. Witnesses: Adam of Norton, Roger Cashors, Roger de Hynkersul, Nicholas bailiff, Robert clerk. Vellum: one skin 8 X 2¾, seal missing.


[1] T Walter Hall and A Herman Thomas, The City of Sheffield Descriptive Catalogue of the Charters, Rolls, Deeds, Pedigrees, Pamphlets, Newspapers, Monumental Inscriptions, Maps, and Miscellaneous Papers forming the Jackson Collection, Sheffield (1914), 112-113, [InternetArchive].