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Notes for Mary Mobley

1796 Mary Mobley was born. [1] [2]

1815 Mary Mobley married John Woodward. [3]

1830 Mary Woodward [widow] lived, with 7 children, in Fairfield, South Carolina, United States. Her father, Samuel Mobley was listed adjacent. [4] [5]

1850 Mary Robinson (age 51, born in Fairfield) lived in Fairfield County, South Carolina, in a household with John A Robinson (age 40), Elizabeth P Robinson (age 18), Lueretia M Robinson (age 16), Harriet S Robinson (age 14), Edward P Robinson (age 14), Cassandra H Robinson (age 12), William McQueen (age 35), Thomas Moss (age 36), John McEwen (age 22), and Albert H Firgee (age 25). [6]

1860 Mary Robinson (age 64) lived in Fairfield, Fairfield County, South Carolina, in a household with E P M Robinson (age 24). [7]

1870 Mary Robinson (age 70, born in South Carolina) lived in Township 2, Fairfield County, South Carolina, in a household with William B Woodward (age 52), Eliza B Woodward (age 46), Mary E Woodward (age 16), Nancy B Woodward (age 15), Martha Woodward (age 9), Edward Woodward (age 7), Eliza Woodward (age 4), and William W Dixon (age 2). Mary Robinson's occupation was at home. [8]

1879 Mary Mobley Robinson was buried at Old Fellowship Presbyterian Cemetery, Woodward, Fairfield County, South Carolina. Mary Mobley Robinson was born on August 3, 1796. [9] [10] [11]

Mary was married twice. Her first husband was John Barrett Woodward (1796 SC - 1827 GA), son of William Woodward and Nancy Elizabeth Barrett. They were the parents of Samuel Mobley, William Barrett, Mary and Nancy Woodward.

Her 2nd husband was her first cousin, John A Robinson. To them were born Lizzie, Lucretia, twins Harriet & Edward P M, and Kassandra Robinson.

William Woodward Dixon wrote of her in The Mobleys and Their Connections as follows: "Mary Mobley first married John Barrette Woodward. To them, four sons and two daughters were born. Her husband dying after birth of her last child, she returned from Georgia to her father with the children. When she was a girl fourteen she had held in her arms and fed with spoon a little chap John A. Robinson. When she became the widow Woodward she was a most charming one. Theodore Mobley says she was very beautiful . In fact, Mrs. Anne Jane Neal says there was a duel about her. We think however it was just a fist fight. A Kentuckian came to see her and was rejected. Not satisfied with dismissal, and not knowing the relationship, he said that John Robinson was of too low a family to be courting the widow Woodward. This made John A. Robinson so furious he fought and whipped him just below Youngsville where they met in the big road. By the Robinson marriage they had four [census records show 5] children, Lizzie, Kassandra, and twins, (E. P. M. and Harriet.) She lived to be 86 years old. She was a remarkable woman. She kept busy all her life though blind many years before its close. She had her cotton cards and knitted all the family socks and stockings after the war. At the close of a busy day she ate a hearty supper, lay down to sleep and slept on. Without seeming agitation. her life stream swept out and onward into the infinite sea of life. Her body rests under the green turf in Fellowship Church yard, shadowed by the whispering swaying tree, in sight of the sighing willows on the river where she angled when a girl. Mysterious Death; but more mysterious Life! Out of her thousands will receive their direction and being. Already they are busy in their "little journeys of the world." How the thought takes possession of our faculties, that there is hardly any possibility now for time to ever stop the flow of her life current, but that it must ceasely flow on evermore."


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