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Notes for John Cherry

Research Notes:

Much earlier than the time of this John Cherry, a John Cherye and Alice his wife appear as deforciants in the transfer of messuages in Westmelle (Westmill) and Magna Munden (Great Munden) in Herfordshire.
Feet of Fines
CP 25/1/91/109, number 32.
County: Hertfordshire.
Place: Westminster.
Date: The day after St John the Baptist, 6 Henry [V] [25 June 1418].
Parties: John Wodeward', John Broun' and John Adecok, querents, and Thomas Anketyll' and Ellen, his wife, and John Cherye and Alice, his wife, deforciants.
Property: 2 messuages, 17 acres of land, 1 acre of meadow, 6 acres of pasture and 7 pence of rent in Westmelle and Magna Munden'.
Action: Plea of covenant.
Agreement: Thomas and Ellen and John Cherye and Alice have acknowledged the tenements to be the right of John Wodeward', as those which the same John, John Broun' and John Adecok' have of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Ellen and Alice to John Wodeward', John Broun' and John Adecok and the heirs of John Wodeward' for ever.
Warranty: Warranty.
For this: John Wodeward', John Broun' and John Adecok have given them 20 marks of silver.
Standardised forms of names. (These are tentative suggestions, intended only as a finding aid.)
Persons: John Woodward, John Brown, John Adcock, Thomas Anketill, Ellen Anketill, John Cherry, Alice Cherry
Places: Westmill, Great Munden [1]


[1] Feet of Fines, Online Abstracts, CP 25/1/91/109, number 32, [Medieval_Genealogy].