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Notes for Catharine Good

1813 On March 6, a deed named Joseph Horst and wife Magdalena (late Good); David Martin and wife Mary (late Good) of Salisbury Twp, Lancaster County; Peter Burket and wife Barbara (late Good) of Caernarvon Twp; John Burket and wife Elizabeth (late Good); Hesther Good and Catharine Good of Brecknock Twp; being the children and heirs named in the will of Christian Good late of Brecknoch Twp, Lancaster County. They acknowledged payment from the estate and released Christian Good and John Burket, executors, from further claims. [1]

1838 Esther Good, single woman, dated her will in Brecknock Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on August 5, 1838. The will was proved on February 25, 1939. The will named widow Nancy Good, late Nancy Zerbe, and sister Catharine Good. Several parcels of land, owned as tenants in common by Esther Good and Catharine Good, purchased from brother Christian Good, were bequeathed to Catharine Good. After the decease of Catharine, the land was to be bequeathed to brother Christian Good; sister Magdalena Hurst, wife of Joseph Hurst; and Elizabeth Burkhart, wife of John Burkhart. Christian Burkhart (son of John) and Samuel Good (son-in-law of brother Christian) were named executors. [2] [3]

1840 Catherine Good (age 50-60) lived in Brecknock Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with female (age 20-30). [4]

1846 On 16 September, Catherine Good, single woman, with tenants in common, blacksmith Daniel and Nancy Palm transferred land to Samuel Good, all of Brecknock Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The land was granted on 15 April 1826 to Catherine and her sister Esther, as tenants in common but not as joint tenants, by Christian, since deceased, and Maria Good. The land was adjacent to land of Peter Beam Jr, and Samuel Peltz(?), and Christian Schneider, and Christian Good. Esther Good died with will dated 5 August 1838 which described the land purchased by Esther and Catherine from brother Christian. Esther bequeathed the land after her death to sister Catherine and after Catherine's death to brother Christian, and to sisters Magdalene Horst wife of Joseph Horst and Elizabeth Burkhard wife of John Burkhard. The devisees of Esther Good's will were Joseph and wife Barbara Good, John and wife Mary Shirk, Joseph Horst, David Horst, Elizabeth Horst, Daniel Good, Samuel and wife Esther Good, Gideon and wife Susanna Weaver, John and wife Elizabeth Burkhard sold some of the land to Daniel Palm in 1846. This land was sold by Catherine Good and Daniel and Nancy Palm to Samuel Good for $100. [5] [6]


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