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Notes for Abraham Rohrer

Research Notes:

Abraham Rohrer was reportedly a son of John Rohrer and Elizabeth Snaveley. [1] We seek documentation that Abraham Rohrer was a member of this family.

c 1788 Abraham Rohrer, or his son, perhaps went to Virginia. [2]

Harmon Cook, who purchased large tracts of land on Tomahawk Creek and Pigg River, was a colonizer who brought in many families from Pennsylvania in the latter part of the century. Cook petitioned the General Assembly of Virginia in 1788 for a town to be established on his lands in Pittsylvania, "at the forks of the roads leading from Houlston to Pennsylvania and Petersburg," stating that many traders had already settled there. Young Abram Rohrer, son of Abram Rohrer, a native of Switerland, followed Cook from Pennsylvania to Virginia, and marrying Cook's daughter, founded the Rorer family of the county.

See Mennonite card file: [3]


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