Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

Minnie Pauline Bishop

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Ancestors of Minnie Pauline Bishop

            ┌─William Dennison Bishop ⇒

         ┌─Gurdon Dennison Bishop 

         │  └─Hannah Comstock ⇒

      ┌─James Lovett Bishop 

      │  └─Louisa Oakes 

   ┌─George Lovett Watson Bishop 

   │  │  ┌─Henry Neary 

   │  └─Hannah Amelia Neary 

   │     │  ┌─Enoch Forsyth 

   │     └─Mary Ann Forsyth 

   │        └─Hannah Bishop ⇒

 Minnie Pauline Bishop 

   │  ┌─George Bowles 

   └─Laura Burgess "Bird" Bowles 

      │  ┌─Isaiah Shaw 

      └─Susannah Reed Shaw 

         │  ┌─Thomas Ratchford Lyons 

         └─Sarah Lyons 

            └─Ann Skinnner ⇒