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Notes for Isaac Schunck and Anna Otillia Gross

1723 Maria Catharina Schunck, widow of the late Isaac Schunck at Webenheim, died on April 29, at age 61. [1]

Research Notes:

Excerpt of letter dated July 13, 1998 to Michael S. Caldwell from Bernd Gölzer; Birkenweg 43; D-66539 Neunkirchen; Germany:

"Your Isaac Schunck of Webenheim is called a brother of Daniel Schunck of Webenheim (see two sponsorships of 1683 and of 1684 in the Mimbach 1665-1695 record).

Daniel Schunck was an inkeeper of Webenheim. His mother Barbara died on 18 Dec 1708 in Webenheim, 89 years old (Mimbach Reformed church records 1696-1779, p. 127, edited by Walter Bohrer and Bernd Gölzer, Zweibrücker Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Familienforschung, Zweibrücken 1985).

Johann Weinantz Schunck, the schoolteacher of Webenheim, finally had a son Daniel and a wife named Barbara (Mimbach 1665-1695 records).

This would make Isaac a son of Joh. Weinantz Schunck and Barbara. God alone knows why the Mimbach pastor in 1671 started to enter a marriage record with the following words "Isaac Weinantz..." and never continued it beyond these two words, so as if he were uncertain of the surname or of the legitimation. The normal wording in German grammar would have read "Isaac Schunck, Weinantz Schunck's of Webenheim legitimate son and Jane, John Doe's legitimate daughter were married on..."

In these times, everybody married as often as he or she could. Children from earlier weddings of husband and wife lived in the household and in the family and were raised as own children."

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[1] Lewis Bunker Rohrbaugh, Rohrbach Genealogy (1970), 16.