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Notes for Thomas Lettice and Anne

Thomas Lettice "is first mentioned in the records on 7 March 1636/37 when Francis Cooke brought charges against Thomas Lettice, James Walker, John Browne the younger, and Thomas Teley, who being in the service of John Browne the elder and Thomas Willet, who were also charged, abused Cooke's cattle; he was awarded £3 damages and thirteen shillings six pence for costs (PCR 7:5). In several actions of 1641 against James Luxford, Thomas Lettice (twice) and other complainants were awarded property belonging to Luxford which was in the hands of others. (PCR 7:25, 27). On 2 December 1639 William Fallowell, Robert Finney, John Finney, and Thomas Lettice were assigned garden places near Webb's Field (PCR 1:136). Thomas Lettice became a freeman in 1654 (PCR 3:48). In 1659 he brought charges against Thomas Pope for abusive carriages at the mill at Plymouth, and Pope was fined ten shillings to the use of the colony (PCR 3:173). Lettice served at times on juries and as surveyor of highways (PCR, passim). In 1651 a John Lettice was constable for Plymouth (PCR 2:167), [p.318] but this may have been a clerical error for Thomas Lettice, since John Lettice is otherwise unknown (except for an error in the index of PCR 3, where in the text Thomas Lettice served on a 1660 coroner's jury (PCR 3:196), but was indexed as John Lettice). Thomas bought a house and seven acres of land in Plymouth from Thomas Cushman on 24 March 1641 (PCR 12:77), and on 27 August 1679 he was living on New Street (now called North Street) in Plymouth (PCR 6:161).
Savage thought he might have been the Thomas Lettyne, age twenty-three, who appears in Hotten, p. 60, as sailing for New England in the Elizabeth on 15 April 1635, but there is no way to confirm or refute this. In his will dated 1678, confirmed by him 25 October 1681, and sworn October 1682, Lettice named his wife Anne, and his daughters Anne, wife of Samuel Jenney; Elizabeth Cooke, widow; and Dorothy, wife of Edward Gray (MD 14:64). His son Thomas died 3 November 1650 (PCR 8:11). His daughter Elizabeth married (1) 18 October 1655 William Shurtleff (PCR 8:17) (2) Jacob Cooke, son of Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke, as his second wife and (3) Hugh Cole, as his second wife (PCR 8:32; MD 13:204)." [1]


[1] Eugene Aubrey Stratton, Plymouth Colony: Its History and People 1620-1691 (Salt Lake City, UT: Ancestry Incorporated, 1986), 317-318, [GoogleBooks].