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Notes for John Lothrop and Margaret Wade

John Lowthroppe of Lowthorpe is discussed in a Lothrop genealogy. [1]

1523 "From Lay Subsidies for co. York ... Henry VIII [1523/1524], Assessment for the first payment. Wapentake of Herthill. Cherry Burton. John Lowthr[o]p in goods, [valuation] L13. 11s. 8d., [tax] 6s. 8d. (Lay Subsidies, 203/183.)" [2]

1540 "From Lay Subsidies for co. York ... Henry VIII [1540-1541], Assessment of L20 and upward. North Burton. John Lowthrop in goods, [valuation] L20, [tax] 20s. (Lay Subsidies 203/191)" [3]

"From the records of the Court of Star Chamber. Petition [undated] of James Carter and his wife Agnes and Thomas Layton and his wife Isabell states that they are seised of one acre of customary land in the manor of South Dalton, co. York, with appurtenances in Cherry Burton, co. York, called Coke Merys, as of fee in right of Agnes and Isabel, whereon in 24 Henry VIII [1532-1533] they sowed good wheat, which prospered till it was ready to be reaped, and that they then reaped a great part of the wheat, bound it in sheaves, and made thirty stooks, each containing twelve sheaves, according to the custom of that country, and intended to reap the rest. But now John Lawthrop, William Bynkys, Robert Lawthrop, William Patton, and John Burne, of their malicious and riotous minds, with clubs, staves, swords, daggers, pikes, etc. by force of arms, about Monday sennight next after the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin [15 August] 25 Henry VIII [1533-1534], entered the land, took away the wheat which had been reaped, and reaped and carried off the rest, making assault upon James Carter, beating and wounding him, and putting him in jeopardy of his life. Petitioners pray for a writ of subpoena for Lawthrop and the rest to appear before the King's Court at Westminster. (Star Chamber Proceedings, Henry VIII, vol. 9,no. 61.) Answer [undated] of John Lowthorp to the petition of James Carter and the others sets forth that the matter of the petitioners is determinable within the Court of the Provost of Beverley, within his lordship of South Dalton, as the land specified is a parcel of the manor of South Dalton. Said Lowthorp denies that he is guilty of any riot or any other misdemeanor. Further, if he had committeed any such riot or misdemeanor, the King, by authority of Parliament, has pardoned to all his subjects all riots and misdemeanors committed before 3 November last, before which time the riot is said to have taken place. He prays that the petition be dismissed with costs. (Star Chamber Proceedings Henry VIII, vol. 9, no. 62)" [4]

Research Notes:

John was age 33 in 1513, and thus born about 1480. He may have been the son of Robert Lowthrop, also of Cherry Burton and it has been suggested that John married Margaret Wade, daughter of John and Margaret Wade. John was living in Cherry Burton, about four miles from Robert Lowthroppe, as early as 1513.

The Redding genealogy says that in the 1550's, John willed his estate to his son Robert. [5]


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