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Notes for Robert Lothrop and Ellen Aston

1543 "From Lay Subsidies for co. York ... 35 and 36 Henry VIII [1543-1545] Burton. Robert Lowthorppe at Isabella Lowthorpe's in manibus John Milsoin, in goods, [valuation] £4, [tax] 4d." [1]

1558 The will of Robert Lowthrop is dated 15 July 1558 and proved at York 20 October 1558. In it he referred to himself as a yeoman of North Burton. He mentioned wife Ellen, sons John, Thomas, Lawrence; daughter Margret. Other bequests included:
- To ye blessed sacrament of ye alter for forgotten tythes, 5 shillings
- To poor people 5 marks by executors
- To ye church of Sheriburton 6 shillings and 8 pence
- To John Swinburne, John Pickering, William Fisher, Robert Barnes, Gawin and Hew Mason, my servants two bushels of rye
- To Chatherine Shadlock, maid servant, two bushels of barley and a bushel of wheat.
- To Simon Naves my second best vilett jacket
- To Robert Johnson my vilett jacket
- To William Burne my buckskin doublet Wife Ellen, sons John, Thomas and Lawrence and daughter Margret divided the residue of the state beyond specific bequests, and all were appointed executors.
- A "jack" (coat of mail) and a "bill" (battle ax). [2]

"Richard Lowthropp of Etton [co. York], yeoman, William Archer of Etton, yeoman, William Blackstone of Etton, gentleman, and Thomas Johnson of Beverley [co. York], gentleman, complain against Thomas Aulaby, Esq., and his wife Sarah, Thomas Pottinger, William Downing, ailiff, Gervaise and Edward Harmon, gentlemen, Ralph Eastabye, Marmaduke Hooper, John Carlin, and others for excessive fines in Etton and Coatgartle court-leets, and for building a house on the waste land of the lordship, perjury, pulling it down, and assault. (Star Chamber Proceedings, James I, B, 199/1.)" [3]


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