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Notes for John Chipman and Eunice Dixson

1761 John Chipman came to Nova Scotia with his father.

1769 "Horton Township ... John Chipman of Cornwallis and Eunice Dickson of Horton married 15 Nov. 1769." [1] [2] [3]

1774-84 John Chipman was Justice of Peace, Judge of Inferior Court, House of Assembly 1774-84. [4]

Handley Chipman wrote, "My second Son John was ... Baptized by Minister Hyliard, a young Man Setled Coleague with said pious Minister Clap ... This son is married to Coll. Dicksons Daughter of Horton, has 13 children Living, is a Judge of the Inferior Court at said Horton, sets Chief Judge, &c." [5]

1781 John Chipman requested and was granted 500 acres of land in Cornwallis. "A settler in the Province from 1761. Encouraged by the Government to settle in the Province. There being no vacant lots in the township of Cornwallis, he purchased land form the proprietors there.
Memorial for 500 acres at Cornwallis. A vacant lot, formerly the property of Robert Thompson who left the Province in 1768, leaving no agent. 'license made'." [6]

1810 Lavinia Chipman died on March 12. The inscription on her tombstone in Chipman Corner Cemetery says, "In Memory of Lavinia Daughter of John Chipman Esqr. & Eunice his wife who died March 12th 1810 in the 27th year of he life."

1827 Eunice [Dickson] Chipman died on February 24. Her tombstone in Chipman Corner Cemetery is inscribed, "Sacred to the Memory of Eunice The Consort of John Chipman Esq who died 24th February 1827 Aged 80 Years, Leaving her husband and ten children to lament her loss." Her death was reported in the newspaper "Acadian" in Halifax on March 16, 1827. [7]

1836 John Chipman died on April 29. His tombstone in Chipman Corner Cemetery is inscribed, "Sacred to the memory of John Chipman Esq. who died April 29th 1836 in the 92ndyear of his age." His death was reported on May 7 in the Acadian Recorder, [8]

Died. … At Cornwallis, on the 29 th April, John Chipman, Esq. Custos Rotulorum for King's County, aged 91 years; formerly a representative in general assembly, and for a long time a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for that County, highly respected by all as an intelligent and upright member of society.


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