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Notes for John Colshull and Ann Challons

1418 John Colshull died between April 3 (date of charter) and July 24 (date of writ for inquisition post mortem). [1]

John Colshull, Knight
120 Writ 24 July 1418
Devon. Inquisition. Exeter. 20 Sept.
Long before his death by his charter, dated 3 April 1418 and shown to the jurors, he granted to John Preston, parson of St. Ewe, John Jaybien, John Butte, John Cork and Thomas Nethercote, who survive, his mannors of Huish, Yardbury and Stowford and all messuages, lands and tenements in 'Bourlond', and all services, reversions and holdings there and elsewhere in Devon with the advowsons of Huish and Stowford, to hold for their lives and the term of his life, with remainder to the heirs of his body and the right heirs of Walter Colshull, his grandfather, on certain conditions, he being about to go overseas in the king's service. If he did not go or returned at any time he might reclaim the premises and hold them as before; and if on the journey or whilst abroad he was captured and held to ransom, these feoffees being unwilling or refusing to pay for his release, then he or his attorneys might re-enter the premises and hold them as before; and if he should die abroad or on the journeys his feoffees from these premises and others in Cornwall should pay all his debts, and those of his father John Colshull, esquire, according to his will, and give £200 to Joan and Anne, his daughters, for their marriages, or if they both died before marriage, foe the salvation of his soul. Lastly if his wife Anne should be pregnant at the time of his gift to pay his son or daughter according to their discretion …
Huish manor is held of Robert Chalons, knight, of his castle of Great Torrington by knight service, annual value 5 marks; Yardbury of Robert Astorp, clerk, service unknown, annual value 6 marks; Stowford of Robert Chalons, knight, of the same castle, annual value … ; the messuage and lnds in 'Bourlond' of Edward Courtenay, earl of Devon, in socage of the castle of Okehampton, annual value 26s. 8d.
He died on Tuesday after the translation … John his son and next heir is aged 2 years and more.
[Torn, parts missing.]

121 Writ 24 July 1418.
Cornwall. Inquisition, Liskeard. 10 Sept.
He held in his desmesne as of fee the manors of Manely and St. Ewe, the advowson of St. Ewe, ¼ borough of Truro, and a water=mill there and 100 a. wood in Swannacot of the king of Launceston castle, by knight service, ¼ Truro in burgage by a rent of ¼d. … , annual values, Manely £12; St. Ewe manor 53s. 4d., ¼ Truro borough 10s. 4d., 100 a. wood 13s. 4d., by the grant of William Hwwyssh and Emma sister of William, 100 a. wood of the king of the duchy of Cornwall of the castle of Launceston, service unknown, annual value £12.
John Colshull, esuire, his father, once held in his desmesne as of fee 3 messuages and a carucate in Treworra and gave them to Richard …vyan and his wife Joan for the lives of Richard and Joan renderin gto John Colshull 60s. yearly at the four terms. Richard and Joan held. Richard died. Joan married John Chenduyt of Bodannon … John Colshull, fahter of John Colshull, knight, died, and the rent descended to John Colshull, knight, as son and heir of John Colshull, esquire. He held.
By his charter shown to the jurors and dated at Treworra Monday after the conversion of St. Paul he granted … and John Cork surviving the rent and all the services of John Chenduyt and Joan with reversion fo 3 messuages and carucates, annual value 4d. … described as all that they held in Treworra for the whole life of John Cork, rendering during the life of Joan wife of John Chenduyt, who survives, 6s. 8d. at Michaelmas, and after the death of Joan to John Colshill, knight, and his heirs 10s. at Michaelmas. John Chenduyt and Joan attorned according to th form of the charter. Thus the 6s. 8d. rent and the reversion of 3 messuages and carucate after the death of John Cork came to John Colshull, knight. So he died holding. Annual values of the 3 messuages and carucate 4d.
John Colshillalson held the manor of Swannacot, except the advowson, woods and a carucate, jointly with his wife Anne who survives, by the grant of his father John Colshull, esquire, by his charter shown to the jurors and dated at Tremadart on Monday before St. Katharine the virgin … Henry IV to them and the heirs of their bodies, with the services of his tenants. It is held of the king of the duchy of Cornwall of the castle of Launceston, service unknown, annual value without the advowson etc. £10.
He held no more because by his chartre, dated 3 APril 1418 and shown to the jurors, he granted to John Preston, parson of St. Ewe, and others as in 120 the castle and isles of Scilly, the manors of Binamy, Stratton, Week St. Mary, Tremadart, Trenant, and 'Rathwell' and his lands in Liskeard, St. Cleer … 100 a. wood of Launceston castle … Treworra. 3 messuages and a carucate to Richard and Joan for their lives …
After death of Anne the manor of Tremadart should remain … the other manors etc. to the heirs of the body of John Colshull, knight.
100 puffins 6s. 8. d. at Michaelmas …
'Rathewell' of Thomas Swynborn, service unknown, annual value £10 … bishop of Exeter
manor of Pawton …
[Incomplete, parts torn and illegible; cf. CPR 1385-8, pp. 541-2; 1388-92, pp. 55, 289, 435-6, 468.]
C 138/34, no. 41
E 149/112, no. 5

Research Notes:

Rogers describes the Colshull Chantry in the Church of St. Keby (Cuby in Cornish or Cybi in Welsh) in Duloe, Cornwall. [2]

Catholic Genealogies states that Sir John Colshull married Anne, da. to Sir John Challons and that their children were Joan whose first husband was Sir Renfry Arundell, Anna, and Sir John Colshull, Knt., of Tremodret, who was age two years at his father's death. [3] This source, citing Vincent's Coll., vol. 56, also states that John Colshull "Went over wth H. 5 into fraunce to the battle of Agencourt." and that he was "Slain at Agincourt 28 Oct. 1415, then aged 23. Inq. p.m. 6 Hen. V., No. 41." The 1418 inquisition post mortem cited above indicates that this is incorrect.


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