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Notes for John Brome and Beatrice Shirley

1466 A deed dated 2 June, 6 Edward IV, names the children of John Brome and his wife Beatrice. [1] [2]

A. 4493. Grant by Richard Waterton, chaplain, and John Bothe, to John Brome alias John Brown, of Baddesley, and Beatrice his wife, for their lives, of all their lands and tenements &c. in Lappeworth, Kyngeswode, and Henley, formerly belonging to John Brome of Lappeworth, with remainders in tail, to Thomas Brome, Nicholas Brome, and John Brome, and to Isabella, Elizabeth, Agnes, and Jocosa, the children of the said grantees, to Robert Brome son of William Brome, and to Richard Halle, and to the king in fee. Warw.

Research Notes:

Douglas Richardson states, [3]

Beatrice Shirley, married John Brome (alias Brown), Esq. of Baddesley Clinton, Lapworth Hall ( in Lapworth), Warwick, and Woodlow, Warwickshire, lawyer, son of John Brome, of Warwick, Warwickshire, by Jane, daughter and heiress of Thomas Rody, Esq. They had three sons, Thomas, Nicholas, Esq., and John, and four daughters, Isabel, Elizabeth, Agnes, and Joyce [Prioress of Wroxall Abbey], John Brome, Esq., was assassinated shortly before 2 Nov. 1469, and was buried in Whitefriars, London. His widow, Beatrice, died 10 July 1483, and was buried in the chancel of the church of Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire.


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