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Notes for William de Beauchamp and Berta de Braose

Research Notes:

Keats-Rohan states, [1]

de Bellocampo Vicecomes, Willelm
William of Bellocampo, son of Walter de Bellocampo and grandson of Urso d'Abitot, sheriff of Worcestershire 1139/41-c.1154. he succeeded his father as dispencer before 1133 (RRAN ii, 1710). Granted the shievalty by Stephen in 1139, and granted the office hereditarily in 1141 (RRAN iii, 68). Granted land in Trentham, Staffordshire, by Henry II. By his wife Bertha, daughter of William II de Braose, he had issue William (d. 1197, Robert (alive in 1209), Peter, Walter, John, and Emma, wife of Ralph of Sudeley. He died in 1170 (Mon. Ang. iv, 382). Held two fees of the honour of Wolverton in 1166, his brother Stephen held one fee. He also held two fees of Gervaise Paynel of Dudley. In 1242 one fee of the honour at Drayton was held by William de Bellocampo (Fees, 883).


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