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Notes for Juda Allen and Deborah Adams

1687 John Hampton of Middleton, married Martha Brown, of Shrewsbury, 1686/87 on 3 of month 1 [March], at the public meeting house of friends. Witnessed by Abraham and Cattron Brown, Jedidiah Allen, Judah Allen, and many others. [1] [2]

1705 Juda Allin, of Burlington County, West Jersey, and Deborah Addams, daughter of John and Elizabeth Addams of the same place, were married on December 15, at the Chester meeting house. Witnessed by
Females: Elizabeth Adames, Experience Field, Mary Allen, Susanna Busby, Ester Adams, Elizabeth Scott, Sarah Cooperthwaite, Deborah Clifton, Mary Markboi?, Mary Enos, Sarah Roberts, Susanna Hancock, Elizabeth Hancock, Mary Hancock, Ann Watkins, Mary Hawson, Martha Sinior?, Ela Haddon.
Males: Elisha Allen, Nathan Allen, Ralph Allen, Henry Allen, Henry Clifton, James Adames, Benjamin Field, George Smith, William Marblock, Timothy Hancock, John Heritage, Edward Busby, Samuel Jennings, Thomas Thakrea, John Wills, Isaac Marriot, Martin Scott, John Cowperthwaite, Thomas Wallis, Joseph Heritage, John Kay, Simeon Ellis, John Hudson. [3]


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