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Notes for Henry le Waleys and Agnes

The biography of Henry le Waleys in Complete Peerage states, [1]

Henry Wallensis (le Waleys), who in 1154-58 witnessed a charter of Henry de Lacy,(a) is the earliest member of this family of whom there is definite evidence. In 1166 he held 3 knights' fees of the Honor of Pontefract of Henry de Lacy and ½ knight's fee of Guy de la Val, who was a tenant of the same Honor.(b) He m. Agnes(c) and d. possibly before 1179 and certainly before 1185-(d) His widow m. Hervey de Ledstone, whom she survived, and was living circa 1220.(e)

(a) Farrer, Early YorKshire Charters, vol. iii, p. 191, where it is so dated. The possible connection of Henry's family with Norfolk is discussed in Idem, p. 233.
(b) Red Bk. of the Exch., Rolls Ser., p. 422. 3 knights' fees were held by Henry le Waleys in 1242 (Book of Fees, p. 1102), and the lands can be identified as those in Burghwallis, Skellow and Sutton in Campsall, Yorks, held by Sir John Depeden in 1401-02 (Feudal Aids, vol. vi, p. 596). In 1170 Henry is called Henry Waleis of Burg, indicating his connection with Burghwallis at this date (Pipe Roll, 16 Hen. II, p. 45). The Waleys interest in these lands may have come from the marriage of Henry or his father with a da. and coh. of one of the Poitevin family, whose ancestor, William, held Burghwallis of the Lacys at the time of Domesday Book (V.C.H., Yorks, vol. ii, pp. 165, 246). That Burghwallis descended to coheirs is deduced from the fact that Richard le Waleys presented to this living in 1252 with the assent of others, his copatrons (Archbishop Gray's Reg., Surtees Soc, p. 113). It has been said that Denise, da. and coh. of Robert the Poitevin, was mother of Richard le Waleys (d. 1256-72), but this is incorrect (see p. 319, note "a" below); others allege that Denise m. Robert le Waleys (d. circa 1218), but this does not explain the Waleys interest in Burghwallis
in the middle of the 12th century (Hunter, South Torishire, vol. ii, pp. 483-84).
(c) See note "e" below.
(d) See note "h" below.
(e) Pontefract Chart., Yorks Arch. Soc, Rec. Ser., vol. i, pp. 251-52.
(h) Pipe Roll, 25 Hen. II, p. 23; 26 Hen. II, p. 67; B. A. Lees, Rec. of the Templars, p. 134. He paid scutage on ½ knight's fee in Yorks (Pipe Roll, 33 Hen. II, p. 91; 10 Ric. I, p. 37; 6 John, p. 190; Red Bk. of the Exch., pp. 62, 77).


[1] George E. Cokayne and Geoffrey H White, ed., The Complete Peerage, rev., Vol. 12, part 2, Tracton to Zouche (London: St Catherine Press, 1959), 317.