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Notes for Henry le Waleys and Elizabeth de St. Mary

The biography of Henry le Waleys in Complete Peerage states, [1]

Henry le Waleys, s. and h.,(c) was Steward of John de Lacy, 1216-18, and later.(d) He was a Justice of novel disseisin in Yorks in 1232; collector of 1/40 in 1232 and of 1/30 in 1237; was excused from being placed on assizes in 1236; and app. in 1242 to aid the sheriff to keep the peace and hold an assize of arms in Yorks.(e) He m., 1stly, circa 1197-1208, (—), da. and h. of Walter de Ferlington.(f) He m., 2ndly, before 1226, Elizabeth, da. and coh. of Jordan de St. Mary, by Alice, da. and eventually h. of William de Friston. She d. before the end of 1246.(g) He m., 3rdly, Denise, who was living as his widow, 21 Nov. 1251.(h) He d. between Apr. 1248(i) and that date.

(c) Henry witnessed charters with his father Robert, circa 1195 (Pontefract Chart., vol. i, pp. 35, 36). He had a br. Ralph and another br. Richard, ancestor of the family of Waleys of Moor Monkton, Yorks (Farrer, op. cit., vol. iii, p. 234; Idem, ed. Clay, vol. vi, p. 114).
(d) Pontefract Chart., vol. i, pp. 38, 151, 160, 206; Toris Deeds, Yorks Arch. Soc, Rec. Ser., vol. iv, p. 155.
(e) Patent Rolls, 1225-32, p. 510; Close Rolls, 1231-34, p. 157; 1234-37 pp. 315, 549; 1237-42, p. 484. For the 3 knights' fees held by him in Yorks in 1242, see p. 317, note "b" above.
(f) On the assumption that this was the same Henry. It was stated in 1208-10 that he had acquired ¼ knight's fee in Sigston, Yorks, by gift of Philip, Bishop of Durham, with the da. and h. of Walter de Ferlington. This suggests that the marriage took place while Philip of Poitou was Bishop, 1197—1208. Henry acquired other lands from Philip, including Softley, co. Durham, which he later granted to Finchale Priory, in that co., for Philip's soul (Book of Fees, p. 24; Cal. Charter Rolls, vol. i, p. 432; Charters of Finchale Priory, Surtees Soc, pp. 105-08; V.C.H., Yorks N.R., vol. ii, p. 181).
(g) Alice, mother of Elizabeth, described as Alice Haget (her mother's name), d. shortly before 3 Feb. 1246/7, leaving Elizabeth's s. Richard as one of her two heirs (Cal. Inq. p.m., vol. i, no. 107; Exc. e Rot. Fin., vol. ii, p. 11). For Alice's parentage see Farrer, op. cit., vol. iii, p. 224; cf. Booi of Fees, pp. 177, 1077; Feudal Aids, vol. iii, pp. 143, 234. As Alice Haget, widow of Jordan de St. Mary, she was a benefactor of the canons of Healaugh Park (Healaugh Pari Chart., Yorks Arch. Soc, Rec. Ser., p. 8). Henry and Elizabeth made gifts to the same house (Idem, p. 118).
(h) Toris Fines, 1246-72, Yorks Arch. Soc, Rec. Ser., p. 46. The parentage of Denise is not known. It has been alleged that she was mother of Richard le Waleys and coh. of Robert the Poitevin, but she was not the former and the latter is unlikely. See p. 317, note "b," and note "a" above.
(i) When he witnessed a charter (Pontefract Chart., vol. ii, pp. 372-73).


[1] George E. Cokayne and Geoffrey H White, ed., The Complete Peerage, rev., Vol. 12, part 2, Tracton to Zouche (London: St Catherine Press, 1959), 318.