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Notes for Richard le Waleys and Albreda FitzWilliam

c.1250-1260 On the marriage of Richard Walens and Albreda, daughter of Thomas Fitzwilliam, Thomas granted land to Richard. [1]

Marriage settlement (by grant), Thomas Fitzwilliam to Richard Walens.

On marriage of Richard Walens and Albreda, daughter of Thomas Fitzwilliam.

12 bovates and 10 acres land, with appurtenances, in Darthyngton; viz. one bovate, 1 rood, which Gregory holds in villeinage: one bovate, which Robert Dancer holds in villeinage; 1 bovate, 1 acre, 3 roods, which Robert Cohopertor holds in villeinage; 1 bovate which Boyse holds in villeinage; 1 bovate, 2 acres which Roger, son of Radulph, holds in villeinage; 1 bovate which Roger Wrafte holds in villeinage; 1 bovate, 3 roods, which Thomas Dayvill holds in villeinage; 1 bovate, 1 rood, which Roger Fitz (Austun) holds in villeinage; 1 bovate, which Roger FitzAlduse holds in villeinage; 1 bovate, 1 rood, which Roger Bacuy holds in villeinage; 1 bovate which Roger FitzSusanne holds in villeinage; 1 bovate which Roger Carpenter holds in villeinage; 7 acres, 1 rood, in Oldhallflat, near Rogrand (south).

Land to be held in fee, and villeins are granted with the lands. Here, one bovate is equal to 15 acres.

Witnesses: Henry Walens, Thomas de Pondington [?Poulington (Pollington)], William de Biltham [Billham (Bilham)], Robert, clerk, of Fishlake, William of Awyc, William of Beghate [?Beghale (Beal near Pontefract)], Henry of Camerill, Hugh of Ouston, clerk.

Seal: (i) obverse, equestrian, horse galloping to left, rider in armour, with helmet, shield and sword in right hand, which is raised. (ii) reverse, armorial, with shield of arms, 7 lozenges, and flowers in the field.

Research Notes:

The biography of Richard le Waleys in Complete Peerage states, [2]

Richard le Waleys, s. and h., by 2nd wife, was b. before 1225/6.(a) He was sum., Jan. 1251/2, as a knight for a grand assize; and exempted for life, 17 Feb. 1255/6, from being a coroner or serving on assizes and juries.(b) The name and parentage of his wife are not known. He d. before 17 Sep. 1272.(c)

(a) Richard's affiliation is proved in Idem, vol. ii, p. 372 (mentioning Alice Haget
his grandmother), and Healaugh Pari Chart., p. 222. See also p. 318, note "g" above,
for proof that he was Elizabeth's child. As Richard was of full age when he was his
grandmother's h. in Feb. 1246/7, he must have been b. in or before 1225/6. He had a br. Henry and another br. Robert, who was rector of Ferry Fryston, Yorks (Pontefract Chart., vol. i, pp. 182, 216; vol. ii, p. 374; Archbishop Gray's Reg., pp. 103-04; Archbishop Giffard's Reg., Surtees Soc, pp. 191—92). He appears (subject to the assumption
in p. 318, note "f" above) to have had a sister of the half-blood, Margaret, child of his father's ist marriage, who #z.Williarn,s. and h. of PhilipColvill(^.CH., YorksN.R.,
vol. i, p. 405, citing Assize Roll, 1042, m. 17). In 1229 and 1230 Richard le Waleys
is mentioned in the records, but it is probable that the references are to the lord of Moor
Monkton, Richard's uncle (Patent Rolls, 1225-32, pp. 289, 380; see p. 318, note
"c" above).
(b) Cal. Patent Rolls, 1247-58, p. 462; Toris Fines, 1246-72, p. 69 note.
(c) See follg. note. A Richard le Waleys is named in 1260 in a lawsuit concerning
lands in Headington, Oxon.; and on 15 Nov. 1262 the heirs of Richard le Waleys are
mentioned. In Mar. 1268/9 a protection was issued for an unidentified Richard le
Waleys, knight (Close Rolls, 1259-61, p. 154; 1261-64, P- J8o; Cal. Patent Rolls,
1266-72, p. 323). Richard witnessed many charters (Pontefract Chart., vol. i, p. 216;
vol. ii, pp. 678, 680; Healaugh Park Chart., p. 14); and in 1252 he presented to the
living of Burghwallis (see p. 317, note " b " above).


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