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Notes for Samuel Starr and Miriam Ingersoll

"Samuel Starr was the son of Samuel (1699-1789) and Ann (Bushnell) Starr of Norwich, Connecticut. He was born in 1728 and came to Nova Scotia in 1759, following the expulsion of the Acadians, with a small group of New England settlers who became known as the Planters. Starr chose land between the Canard and Cornwallis Rivers for his farm. The point became known as Starr's Point and remains so named until this day. Beginning in 1762, using sprouts from old Acadian fruit trees, Starr began his own orchard. He also ran a tavern or place of public entertainment which sold alcohol. In 1775, Starr was named a captain in the militia, and then major in 1781. He was married three times - first to Abigail Leffingwell (1725-1768), secondly to Elizabeth Kinsman (1741-1784), and lastly to Miriam (Ingersoll) Dickson (1723-c.1805). He had four children with his first wife. Samuel died on 26 August 1799 at Starr's Point." [1]


[1] Samuel Normand Howes, "Shining Stars: The Importance of The Starr Family of Kings County, Nova Scotia," Honors Thesis, Acadia University, March 2012, [URL].