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Notes for Giles de St. John and Margery de Lions

1330 Giles de St John, son of William de st John of Plumpton, was born about April. The inquiries following the death of William de St. John of Plumpton, held in Northampton and Bedford in October 1331, found that "Giles his son, aged a year and a half and more, is his next heir." [1]

1352 Giles de St John and his mother Isabel acknowledged a debt to John son of Richard de Rothying. [2]

Oct. 17. Westminster. Isabel late the wife of Richard de Rothyng and Giles de Sancto Johanne, her son, acknowledge that they owe to John son of Richard de Rothyng, citizen of London, 110l.; to be levied, in default of payment, of their lands and chattels in the city of London.
Enrolment of indenture testifying that whereas Isabel late the wife of Richard de Rothyng, citizen and vintner of London, and Giles de Seint Johan her son, are bound to John de Rothyng, citizen and vintner of London, in 1101. by the preceding recognisance, John grants that if he is impleaded by John de Iford, prior of Bath, by way of account or by any other contract made between the said Richard and the prior by which John will be compelled to incur costs in defence of the plea or that the prior will have to recover against him, and upon this Isabel and Giles will pay John the moiety of such costs, as is found by good faith and by John's oath, or whenever John may have acquittance of the prior, then the recognisance shall be null, and if John is impleaded by the prior and loses, or incurs costs and Isabel and Giles will not pay him the moiety thereof, the recognisance shall remain in force, and if the prior does not make suit against John contrary to the form aforesaid, John grants that no execution of 'the recognisance shall be made. Dated at London, 18 October, 26 Edward III. French.
Memorandlum that John came into chancery at London on 20 October and acknowledged the preceding indenture.

1356 The manor of Moreton Pinkney was granted to Giles de St. John and Isabel, late the wife of William de St. John. [3]

April 30. Westminster. Licence, for 40s. to be paid to the king by Henry Grene, for the said Henry to grant to Giles de Sancto Johanne and Isabel late the wife of William de Sancto Johanne and the heirs of the body of the said Giles, with reversion to his right heirs, the manor of Morton Pynkenye, co. Northampton, held in chief. And the 40s. have been paid in the hanaper.

1358-1360 Giles St John owed £30 to John Michel. [4]

Debtor: Giles St John of Northants.
Creditor: John Michel, citizen and vintner [merchant] of London.
Amount: £30.
Before whom: John de Stodey, Mayor of London; Thomas de Brisworth, Clerk.
When taken: 19/07/1358
First term: 25/10/1358
Last term: 25/10/1358
Writ to: Sheriff of Northants
Sent by: John Wroth, Mayor of London; John Penne, Clerk.
Endorsement: Norh't Cora Justic' in Crast' Asc' d'ni.
Date: 1360 Nov 2

1374 Giles de St John quitclaimed the manor of Middleton Cheinduyt [Cheney] to John de Olneye. [5]

Writing of Giles de Sancto Johanne knight lord of Plumpton St. John co. Northampton, being a quitclaim with warranty to John de Olneye citizen and merchant of London, his heirs and assigns, of the manor of Middelton Cheinduyt in the said county. Witnesses: Adam de Bury mayor of London, John Aubrey and John Fifhide then sheriffs, Nicholas Godeson, Simon atte Gate, Robert Plomer. Dated London, 3 May 48 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 12 May this year [1376].

1376/77 Giles de Seint John granted land in London to Richard de Preston. [6]

Indenture made between Giles de Seint John knight lord of Plumpton, son and heir of Isabel sometime wife of Richard de Rothyngge citizen and vintner of London, and Richard de Preston citizen and corder of London, being a defeasance of a yearly rent of 101. to be taken of the manor of Plumton granted to the said Richard by the said Giles, upon condition that the said Richard, his heirs and other the tenants thereof shall peaceably hold and enjoy, without being thrust out by recovery by any older title or right, all the tenements which the said Isabel had in the parish of St. Dunstan by the Tower of London with a quay called 'Pesokeswharf,' and by deed gave the same to the said Richard for life, and after made a quitclaim thereof to him; and the said Giles likewise after made a quitclaim of the said tenements, shops, solars and cellars to the said Richard and his heirs. Dated Tuesday the morrow of the Purification 51 Edward III. French.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 7 February.

1398 Maud de St. John (widow of Giles) presented to the church of Plumpton on December 12. [7]


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