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Notes for Charles Robbins and Abigail Davis

1791 The account of the estate of Isaac Ivins [father of Mary Davis] named his 32 living children and grand-children, including Mary Davis, and her ten children: Isaac Davis, Ann Davis (now wife of Jn Ely), Mary (now the wife of Jos. Rockhill), Merope (now the wife of Jn Bransen), Jonathan Davis, William Davis, Hannah (now the wife of D. Silvers), Abby (now the wife of Chas Robbins), Job Davis, Ivins Davis, each of whom received 1/32 share of the estate. [Photocopy, Estate account of Isaac Ivins naming children and grand-children.] [1]


[1] Burlington County, New Jersey, Miscellaneous Probate Papers 1778-1815, book I, image 94, [FamilySearchImage].