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Notes for Peter de la Hay and Elizabeth

Sir Peter de la Hay was named as the father of Elizabeth, spouse of John Wortley. [1]

John P Ravilious gave the following summary. [2]

1.5.1a Peter de la Hay*
Death: bef 11 Apr 1431[1] of Spaldington, E. R., and Skelbrook, W.R., co.Yorks.[6]

record dated 21 Dec 1379: 'Grant and quitclaim made before the Corporation of the city of York, by Peter, son and heir of Thomas de la Haye of Spaldington, to William de Bowes, of his rights on the manor of Streatlam and Stainton.' [Seals missing.] - A2A, Manchester University, John Rylands Library: Phillips Charters - STAINTON-WITH-STREATLAM (Co. Durham), PHC/254 [4] he evidently succeeded his father after December 1379.

'Peter de la Hay of Spaldyngton', witness to a grant dated at Saltmarsh, Saturday, the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle, 22 Richard II. (Sept. 21, 1398):
'Grant by Robert de Bolton, prebendary of the prebend of Saltmersshe (in Howden Church), Henry del Sandes, chaplain, William de Lodyngton, William Rosselyn, John de Wylbirfosse, and William de Waldeby of Portyngton, to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas de Saltmersshe, of a yearly rent of four marks for her life from the manors of Saltmersshe and Eppilleby in Rychemondshire, and from lands etc., in the vills of Beverley, South Cave, Blaketoft, Laxton, Skelton by Houedene, and Houeden, which they had of the grant of Thomas, her father, payable half yearly at Whitsuntide and Martinmas, on condition that if Thomas, son of Thomas de Saltmersshe, should die without issue the annuity was to cease. Power of distraint during the life of the said Thomas, son of Thomas.
Witnesses, Thomas de Metham, knt., Gerard de Usflete, knt., Gerard Salvayn, knt., Peter de la Hay of Paldyngton, Thomas Dayville, Thomas de Portyngton, Nicholas de Bernhille.' [YAS XXXIX:147, no. 408[7]]

'Peter del Hay of Spaldington, guardian of the heirs of Thomas of Claxton', 1221 (1398-1403)[Inscription: sig petri : d : hay : 5.4.Elemos.6; Misc.Ch. 6541*, 6542] [8]

The will of Peter de la Hay, from Testamenta Eboracensia. [3]

IX. Testamentum Petri del Hay nuper de Spaldyngton.
August 8, 1426. Ego Petrus del Hay (1) de Spaldyngton—sep. in choro ecclesias de Ellerton juxta corpus Elizabeths nuper uxoris meas defunctas. Lego pro expensis funeralibus meis xx li. Lego ad distribuendum inter servientes meos xxli. Elizabetnae jam uxori mese omnia bona de mea in maneriis de Gunby et Balne—duas pelves argenteas cum Salutacione Angelica in fundo situata, et cum duobus lavers argenti eisdem pertinentibus et duas ollas argenteas vocatas quart pottes—omnes vaccas meas, sive vitulos, stirks et juvencas cum stauro mortuo apud Spaldyngholme —unam peciam argenti cum cooperculo deaurato et cum aquario argenti et deaurato—et cum uno vestimento blodio pro capella sua—unum maser novum, et le steyned hallyng pertinentem ad aulam de Spaldyngton. Roberto filio (2) meo xij. discos argenti largos et xiij. discos argenti minores, et unam ollam argenti vocatam potelpott, et duas pelves argenti cum ij. lavers argenti eisdem pertinentibus, et omnia bona, implementa, utensilia, multones et hogastros apud Brantyngbam. Willelmo Wetwange unam peciam argenti cum cooperculo. Domino Johanni Burton unam peciam argenti. Item lego cuidam capellano divina celebranti in capella de Spaldyngton secundum disposicionem executorum meorum xiiij li. Jacobo Cresacre (3) unum equum. Elizabethae uxori meas tres equos meos optimos, mortuario meo excepto. Willelmo Bowes (4) chr. unam peciam cum coopertorio argenti, et Percyvell Cresacre unam peciani argenti. Eesiduum executoribus meis, quos constituo Elizabetliam uxorem meam, Robertum del Hay filium meum, et Willelmum de Wetwange servientem meum. Datum apud Spaldyngton. [Pr. 11 April, 1431.]

(1) The head of a Yorkshire family of some eminence and distinction. This will makes several additions to the genealogy of the De la Hays. The testator, it appears, was twice married. His first wife Elizabeth, who was probably the mother of his children, was buried in the monastery at Ellerton. To his second wife he took another Elizabeth, a daughter of John Woodruffe (of Wolley ?), and widow of James Cresacre of Barnborough, who survived him, and made her will in 1434, under which year it will be found.

(Sir) Thomas De la Hay, the eldest son of the testator, married a daughter of Sir William Babthorpe of Babthorpe, by whom he left five daughters and coheirs, who carried the representation of his house into the families of Vavasour, Hildyard, Knight, and Thwaites. From the date of his own will, and the absence of his name in the present document, he probably had died just before the date of his father's will. By his will, dated July 1, 1426, in which he calls himself Thomas del Hay, son of Peter del Hay de Spaldyngton, he directs his body to be buried in the conventual church of Ellerton, near Elizabeth his mother. He mentions his brother Robert del Hay, and Joan his own wife, and his children. The wills of several other members of this family may be found in Testamenta Eboracensia, Part I. to which I must refer my readers.

(2) In all probability the same person who was made prebendary of Givendale, in the church of York, in 1420. He was also rector of Brantingham, where his father appears to have had considerable property, which he leaves to him in his will. Brantingham was a living in the gift of the prior and convent of Durham; and he was probably indebted for his preferment to the kind offices of his father, who may perhaps have held some office there under the monastery. He died in 1448, and administration of his effects was granted on the 8th of January, 1448-9, to Thomas Ellerbek, rector of St. Martin's Conystreet, in York, and William Crosby of Cave.

(3) Several notices of this family will occur under the will of Elizabeth del Hay, in 1434.

(4) Sir William Bowes of Streatlam, in the Bishopric of Durham, who married Joan, daughter of Ralph Lord Graystock. She died in the first year of their marriage; "thereon he toke moche thoght, and passed into France," where he fought long and gallantly among the chivalry of England, under the Duke of Bedford. He was but a boy himself when he married the youthful daughter of the house of Graystock; but neither lapse of time, nor change of scene, could banish from his recollection the memory of the bride whom he had lost, and the halls of Streatlam never saw a second mistress. He died at a great old age, full of years and honours.


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