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Notes for John Parker and Cissiley

1606 March 25th, in the 4th year of James I. Deed of Settlement (Engl.) by John Parker of Little Norton co Derby yeoman and John Parker his son and heir apparent, on the marriage of the latter to Jane Bate, daughter of James Bate of Jordenthorpe (Norton) yeoman, of one third part of the lands and tenements of John Parker the elder, as the same third part was then " sett forthe, parted, divided and mentioned "; that was to say, of one "parler wherein is a chymney," and of one " chamber over the same parler," being within and parcel of his mansion dwelling-house in Little Norton; and of " three bayes of a new shyfted (?) or builded house or barne " in Little Norton, with free " lyberty, entrey, egresse, outgresse and regresse " in, to, from and through the same; and " lykewyse the fould " of the said house or to the same belonging; with lyke lyberty into, out and from the kytchen and oweyn belonginge to the said mansion house, for their necessary use and using thereof and therein "; and also of all and singular the closes called Brome Storth, Would Storth, Longe Storth, Thistle Storth, Houle Storth, Johnsettwood Knowle, Healowe Meadowe; and also of three lands in Lowage, lying in the east side, next to the said James Bate's ground or close there, for the joint lives of the said John and Jane and the survivor of them, and their male heirs etc; remainder to George Parker second son of the said John and his heirs male etc; remainder to William Parker third son of the said John and his heirs male etc; remainder to the right heirs of John the father for ever; and of and in all the residue of all the lands etc of the said John the father (i.e. the remaining two thirds), to the use of him the said John for life, without impeachment of waste; and afterwards of a " thyrd parte '' of the same premises to the use of Cyssiley, wife of John the father for life etc. Witnesses: John Bullock, Richard Stansall, Phillipe Stansall. Vellum: one skin 20 X 12, two large seals of red wax, non-armorial. Notes: this is an interesting deed, the language and spelling are quaint. [1]


[1] T Walter Hall and A Herman Thomas, The City of Sheffield Descriptive Catalogue of the Charters, Rolls, Deeds, Pedigrees, Pamphlets, Newspapers, Monumental Inscriptions, Maps, and Miscellaneous Papers forming the Jackson Collection, Sheffield (1914), 145, of 145-6, item 680, [InternetArchive].