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Notes for John Smith and ?

Research Notes:

Frederick Hart states, [1]

Smith, still unidentified, born say about 1600, is herein proposed as the putative father of James Smith of Newtown and John Smith Nan of Hempstead. It is possible that he resided at least temporarily in America and he is therefore assigned the first generation in this compilation. The reasonable possibility that he was identical with John Smith Sr., briefly a resident of Stamford, Connecticut, in 1641, has been examined separately near the end of this article. His wife, whose name is completely unknown, appears to have survived him and married afterward, as his second wife, Richard Gildersleeve of Wethersfield, Stamford, Hempstead and Newtown.


[1] Frederick C. Hart, Jr., "James Smith of Newtown, Long Island, His Descendants in Huntington,and his Brother John Smith of Hempstead," New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 134 (2003), 163-174, 289-299, at 163-174.