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Notes for William Whetenhall and Margaret Hexstall

1459 June 3 County: Kent. Place: Westminster. Date: Two weeks from Holy Trinity, 37 Henry VI [3 June 1459]. Parties: William Hexstall', esquire, and William Wetenhale, querents, and John Bodhill' and Rose, his wife, deforciants. Property: 1 messuage, 31 acres of land and 1 acre of wood in Brenchesle. Action: Plea of covenant. Agreement: John and Rose have acknowledged the tenements to be the right of William Hexstall', as those which William and William have of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Rose to William and William and the heirs of William Hexstall' for ever. Warranty: Warranty against Edmund, abbot of Westminster, and his successors. For this: William and William have given them 20 pounds sterling. Persons: William Hextall, William Wettenhall, John Bodhill, Rose Bodhill. Places: Brenchley. [1] [2]


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