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Notes for Baldwin Freville and Maud le Scrope

Research Notes:

A pedigree of the Freville ancestry reports Sir Baldwin Freville, b. in 1368; lord of T[amowrth] Castle; d. in 1400 married to Joan, dau. of sir Tho. Green, knt; 1385 as parents of Elizabeth Freville, coheiress of her brother, Sir Baldwin Freville, who died as a minor. [1]

1418 An Inquisition post mortem reports [2] [3]:

Baldwin Frevill, Knight, son of Baldwin Frevill, Knight. 130 Writ 15 July 1418. Leicester. Inquisition. Leicester. 20 Oct. He held in fee simple of Henry IV by knight service, amount unknown, the following knight's fee and 1/3 fee, part of the castle of Tamworth in Warwickshire, extended at 100s. each: 3 fees in Snarestone, Congerstone, Shackerstone, Odstone, Barton in the Beans, Sutton Cheney, Stapleton, Leire, Wistow and Fleckney, held by the earl of Pembroke; 1 fee in Elmersthorpe, Sharnford, Froesworth, Shearsby, Mowsley and Somerby, held by William Maureward; Stanton under Bardon, 1 fee by the heir of Ralph Bassett of Sapcote; Burrough on the Hill, 1 fee by Robert de Burgh; and Ratcliffe Culey or on the Wreake, 1/3 fee by Roger Arderne. He died on 4 Oct. 1400. The fees descended to Baldwin Frevill, his son and heir under age, and they were taken into the king's hands. Baldwin, the son, died aged 19 on 3 March last. They descended to Elizabeth and Margaret, sisters of Baldwin, and Robert son of Roger Aston, knight, and his late wife Joyce, the other sister. Elizabeth is aged 24 years and more, Robert was aged 4 on 6 Jan., Margaret is age 17 years and more and married Hugh Wylygby after the death of Baldwin the son. Thomas, duke of Exter, has held since the death of Baldwin, and still holds and takes the profits by the grant of letters patent of Henfy IV to Thomas Beauford, knight [26 Oct, 1400, CPR 139901401, p. 393] 132. Writ 20 April 1418. Warwick. Inquisition. Henley in Arden. 1 June. The castle of Tamworth with the court and warren of Stipershill, parts of the castle, and 1/3 manor of Middleton came into the hands of Henry IV owning to the death of Baldwin Frevill, knight, and the minority of Baldwin his son and heir, and remain in the present king's hand. Ten messuages, 3 tofts, 5 virgates of arable and meadow and a dovecot in Warton came into the king's hand by the death of Adam Senclere, esquire, in right of Baldwin Frevill the son, because Adam was a bastart, held in his desmesne as of fee, died without heirs of his body and held of Baldwin the son, of the castle of Tamworth. A ½ manor of Beaudesert came into the hand of Henry IV and remains in the king's hand owing to the death of William de Bello Campo, who held for life with reversion to Baldwin Frevill the father by a fine of 1394 [CP 25/1/248/66, no, 12] between Thomas Botiller of Sudeley and Thomas de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick, def., and Baldwin Frevill, quer. The castle of Tamworthhh and the court and warren of Stipershill are held of thhheee king in chief by knight service, annual value . . ., the 1/3 of Middleton of the dean and chapter of the college of Tamworth, service unknown, the holdings in Warton of the king as part of Tamworth castle, service unknown, and Beardeeesert, ½ manor to remain to Thomas Botiller and ½ to Baldwin Frevill, of Richard, earl of Warwick, service unknown. Date of death of Baldwin the son and heirs as in 130. 133. 134 Writ 20 April 1417 [recte 1418] Nottingham. Inquisition. Newark. 12 Oct. 1418. No lands came into the king's had owing to the death of Baldwin Frevill and the minority of his heir. Baldwin the son died on 3 April [sic] last. Margaret wife of Hugh Wylughby, Elizabeth Frevyll, sisters of Baldwin, and Robert Aston son of Joyce Aston, another sister of Baldwin, are next co-heirs, aged 26 years and more, 16 years and more, and 4 on 6 Jan. last. 135 Writ 20 April 1418. Wiltshire. Inquisition. Marlborough 25 June. No lands came into the king's hand owning to the death of Baldwin and the minority of his heir; but a messuage and 3 virgates of arable and meadow in Yatesbury by the death of Thomas Preston, who held for life by the grant of Baldwin the grandfather of Baldwin the son, with reversion to the grandfather and his heirs, came into the hand of Henry Iv owning to the minority of the son, and remain in the king's hand. They are held of Queen Joan of the castle of Devizes, service unknown, annual value 20s. Baldwin the son died on 3 March 1418. Elizabeth, 24 years and more, Margaret 17 years and more, Robert the son of Roger Aston, knight, and his wife Joyce, 4 years on 6 Jan. last are his heirs.


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