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Notes for Thomas Barnardiston and Elizabeth Clarke

Frederick Arthur Crisp states, [1]

Thomas Barnardiston of London, Turkey merchant, and of Bury St Edmunds, co. Suffolk, esquire; [son of Thomas Barnardiston and Ann Polstead, was] administrator to his son, John Barnardiston, 27 May 1701; died, aged 67, 31 October, bur. at Ketton, co. Suffolk, 5 November 1704. Will dated 13 May 1704, proved 14 November 1704 (P.C.C. 223 Ash). [He married in 1674] Elizabeth Clarke, dau. of John Clarke of Bury St. Edmunds, esquire, by Margaret Bourne his wife. [Elizabeth was] buried at Ketton 7 May 1700.

1665 Thomas Barnardiston, Elizabeth Barnardiston, and Susan Barnardiston, all of Hackney, were fined on December 31 for assembling at the home of Margaret Hammond to exercise releigion. [2]

The eight conventiclers convicted on 31 Dec., 17, Car. II., were Thomas Barnadiston of Hackney gentleman, Thomas Hinde of St. Andrew's Holborn brewer, Mary Pollstead of Hackney spinster, Frances Freeman of Hackney widow, Elizabeth Barnadiston of Hackney spinster, Susan Barnadiston of Hackney spinster, Mary Sotherne of Hackney spinster, and Margaret Hammond of Hackney widow, who were sentenced by the acting Justices of the Peace (Sir Thomas Player knt. and Henry Rowe esq.) to pay fines, to wit, Thomas Barnadiston to pay forty shillings and each of the other seven to pay a fine of twenty shillings, for having assembled unlawfully on the same aforesaid day, at the dwelling-house of the said Margaret Hammond under colour of exercising religion &c., together with seventeen other and unknown malefactors besides the persons of the said widow Hammond's family.


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