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Notes for Thomas Hanchet and Barbara

1561 Barbara Hanchet, wife of Thomas Hanchet, died about May 25 in Aldbury, Hertfordshire, and was buried in St Mary Church in Braughing, Hertfordshire. [1] The Church of St Mary in Braughing and its monuments are also described on the St Mary's Braughing webpage. [2] The inscription on Barbara's tomb states,

Hic jacet Barbara Hanchet nuper Uxor Thomae Hanchet Arm. quae obiit, apud Alderbury, in Festo Pentecoste Anno Dom. 1561. sed hic sepulta est.

Research Notes:

A Thomas Hanchet, Esq. held several manors in Hertfordshire, including Wigfurth, a moiety of Gatesbury, Masters, and Gallys, Braughing alias Bracking, Westmill, Little Hadham, Great Haddam, and Albury, "of the Earl of Oxford, as of his Honor of Stansted, by the Service of one Knight's Fee, and the Mannor of Uphall by another Knight's Fee. He died seized of these Mannors, leaving Thomas his Son and Heir within Age. ... This Thomas Hanchet [the son] was in the Commission of the Peace divers Years, and was Sheriff of this County, Anno 33 and 42 Eliz." [3]

In the previous century,

1440 A Thomas Hanchet participated in a land transaction in Hertfordshire on June 1. [4]

William Alyngton the younger to Peter Paule, John Kneseworth, Thomas Hanchet and Peter Aumener, their heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of the manor of Weston by Baldoke co. Hertford called 'Argentem maner,' and all other his lands, rents and services in Weston and Baldoke with all liberties etc., late of William Argentem, except 6s. 8d. of rent in Welien and other services issuing from a tenement there called Founteyns. Witnesses: Philip Thornebury knight, John Fray chief baron of the exchequer, John Hotoft, John Enderby, Thomas Sandoun, William Helder, James Rumbolde. Dated Weston, 1 June 18 Henry VI.
William Alyngton the younger to John Warner the younger, William Scryven and John Warrant. Letter of attorney, appointing them to give Peter Paule, John Kneseworth, Thomas Hanchet and Peter Aumener or their attorneys seisin of the manor, lands, rents and services (above mentioned), with the exception of the (said) rent and services. Dated (as the last).
Memorandum of acknowledgment of the foregoing charter and writing at Horseth co. Cantebrigge 15 October this year before William Goderede, by virtue of a dedimus potestatem which is on the chancery file for this year.

1474 A Thomas Hanchet held Letchworth manor in Hertfordshire in 1474. [5]

About the middle of the 15th century it [Letchworth manor in Hertfordshire] came into the possession of Thomas Hanchet of Bedford, who was holding it in 1474. (fn. 40) He was succeeded by William Hanchet, who died seised of it in 1515, leaving a son Andrew. (fn. 41) Andrew, however, died in the following year and his lands passed to his brother John, an infant of two. (fn. 42) Letchworth had been settled to the use of John's mother Margery for her life. (fn. 43) John attained his majority in 1535, (fn. 44) and together with Bridget his wife sold Letchworth in 1547 to Thomas Snagge. (fn. 45)
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