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Notes for Abraham Noe and Mary Oliver

1840 Abram Noe lived in Highgate, Franklin, Vermont in a household with 2 males under age 5, 1 male age 5-10, 1 male age 30-40, 1 female age 10-15, and 1 female age 20-30. [1]

1860 Abram Noe (age 60) and Mary (age 47) lived in Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont with children Joseph and Eunice (both age 17), Edna (age 11), and Alexander (age 5), all born in Vermont. The birth places of Abram and Mary were not specified. Abram's occupation was laborer. [2]

1870 On July 28, Abraham No (age 74) and Mary (age 62) lived in Northfield, Washington, Vermont, with Henry (age 12). Abraham and Mary were born in Canada and Henry in Vermont. Also in the household were Abraham and Mary's son-in-law Norman Blair (age 23), daughter Edna Norman (age 20), and grandson Lewis Norman (age 1). Edna and Lewis Blair were born in Vermont, Norman in Canada. Abraham and Norman were day laborers. [3]

1872 Abram Noe died on December 18 in Morristown, Lemoille, Vermont. He was age 77 years, 11 months, 15 days and was born in Basha, Canada. [4]

1880 Widow Mary Noe (age 75), lived in Morristown, Lemoille, Vermont. with her son Abr Noe (age 48), and his wife Rosa (age 44), and their children, Jenny (age 19), and Daniel (age 17). Mary and both of her parents were born in Canada. Abr was a teamster, he was born in Vermont, and both his parents were born in Canada. His wife Rosa and her parents were born in Canada. Both children were born in Canada.

1913 Edna Noe Blair died on March 13 in Morrisville, Vermont. She was age 63 years, 7 months and was born in East Highgate, Vermont. Her father "Aram" Noe and her mother Mary Oliver were born in Canada. [5]


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