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Notes for Isaac Stokes and Lydia Collins

1809 Isaac Stokes married Lydia Collins. [1]

Chalkley Stokes son of Isaac and Lydia Collins Stokes, married Mary Borton. [2]

"Ezra Stokes, an enterprising and successful farmer and fruit-grower, and a well-known surveyor and conveyancer of Berlin, Camden County, N.J., was born at Medford, Burlington County, this State, October 27, 1823, his parents being Isaac and Lydia (Collins) Stokes. He is a member of an old family of Medford and its vicinity, several successive generations having had their birth and made their home in that locality. His paternal grandfather, John Stokes, who was a native of Medford, followed the trade of a cooper there for several years. A man of strong physique, he lived to the age of eighty-seven years, and was extremely well preserved. He never in his life wore eye-glasses, and even in his last days was able to read very fine print with ease. In political affiliation he was a lifelong Whig. Religiously, he was in fellowship with the Society of Friends. He married a Miss Haines, who belonged to a long-settled and respected family of Burlington County. She bore him quite a number of children. Isaac Stokes, like his father, was born at Medford, N, J. He established himself as a general merchant at Marlton, a neighboring town, in 1823. Nineteen years later, in 1842, he retired from the continued strain and responsibility of business activity to a small farm in Marlton, where he passed the remainder of his days. He was widely known in the community, and was universally esteemed as a man of high moral principles and of rigid adherence thereto. He enjoyed the distinction of representing his district as a member of the New Jersey State legislature, and during his term of office he was the only member of that body who represented the Society of Friends in their peculiarity of dress. He was twice married. He wedded for his first wife Miss Lydia Collins, who was one of a large family of children born to Mr. and Mrs. Job Collins, the former of whom was engaged in farming at Medford. Their union was fruitful in the birth of eight children, seven sons and one daughter, only two of whom survive at this day, namely Charles, who now lives at Medford as a retired gentleman, although engaged to a considerable extent in the sale of real estate; and Ezra. Mr. Stokes was called upon to mourn the death of his wife in her forty-eighth year; and in 1849 he was united in marriage with Mary Collins. In religious faith and fellowship Mrs. Lydia Collins Stokes was a member of the Friends' Society at Medford, in which her husband officiated as Overseer. He departed this life at Marlton, at the age of fifty-eight years." [3]


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