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Notes for Joseph Dennis and Hannah Lewis

1767 Joseph Dennis and wife Hannah went from Richland meeting to Kingwood with children Ezekal, Jesse, Sarah, Anne, Lewis, Joseph, and Hannah. [1]

1781 On 18 of month 10, Ann Schooley, daughter of Benjamin and Martha, married Jesse Dennis. [2]

1787 Jesse Dennis married, second, Martha McCoy. [3]

A biosketch reports [4]:

Joseph, son of Joseph Dennis, was born in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, and died at Wantage, New Jersey, in the summer of 1787. In 1739 he owned land in Quakertown, which he sold in 1768 shortly after he removed to the Richland, to the Kingwood Monthly Meeting. He married, May 20, 1752, Hannah, born February 5, 1730, daughter of Lewis and Ann Lewis. Children: 1. Ezekiel, born June 12, 1753; he was an ensign in Captain Rosencrantz's company, Third Battalion, Second Establishment, appointed November 29, 1776; retired September 26. 1780. (See Stryker's "Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War.") he left no descendants, but Samuel Shepard Dennis being a lineal descendant of Jesse Dennis, his brother, was admitted to the order of the Cincinnati upon the oldest brother waiving claim. 2. Jesse, referred to below. 3. Sarah, born April 11, 1757. 4. Anne, born October 11, 1758; married Daniel Wilson. 5. Lewis, born April 22, 1761; married (first) Mary Dyer; (second) Toyler. 6. Joseph (3), born July 18, 1763. 7. Hannah, born May 22, 1765.

A biosketch names 7 children: Ezekiel, Jesse, Sarah, Ann, Lewis, Joseph, and Hannah. [5]


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