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Notes for Samuel Satterthwaite and Mary Decou

1779 On 14 of month 8, Mary Decow was born to parents Joseph and Achsah (Taylor) Decow. [1] [2]

1745 On 15 April, Samuel Shatterthwaite [sic], perhaps this one, was a freeholder in Chesterfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. [3]

A biosketch of son Benjamin reports [4]:

Benjamin Satterthwaite, of Lawrence township, Mercer county, New Jersey, was born January 1, 1821, in Port Elizabeth, Cumberland county, New Jersey, and traces his descent from John Satterthwaite, who settled in what is now known as Penns Manor, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, prior to 1683. In that year, during the absence of himself and his family from home, his house was destroyed by fire. He never rebuilt, but took his family across the Delaware, and settled near what is now known as Bordentown, New Jersey. Among the descendants of John Satterthwaite was William Satterthwaite, whose son Samuel was the father of a son, William Satterthwaite, who was the father of eight children.

Samuel Satterthwaite, father of Benjamin Satterthwaite, was born in Mansfield township, Burlington county, New Jersey, December 23, 1771. He was there reared to manhood, and his education was acquired in the district schools. Upon taking up the practical duties of life he engaged in the milling business, conducting the same for a number of years in Burlington and Salem counties, New Jersey, but the latter years of his active career were spent in agricultural pursuits. He married, in October, 1799, Mary De Cou, born August 14, 1779. Their children were: 1. Joseph D., born September 10, 1800. 2. Achsah, born March 13, 1802. 3. Beulah, born January 14, 1804. 4. Isaac, born November 17, 1805. 5. Samuel. 6. Jane, born September 3, 1810. 7. Mary, born January 15, 1813. 8. Hannah, born November 3, 1815. 9. Ann, born November 3, 1818. 10. Benjamin, born January 1, 1821, see forward. Samuel Satterthwaite, father of the above-mentioned children, died August 12, 1851, and his wife, Mary (De Cou) Satterthwaite, survived him until August 25, 1864, when she passed away. They were consistent members of the Society of Friends, and were highly esteemed and respected by all who knew them. Mary (De Cou) Satterthwaite was a daughter of Joseph and Achsah (Taylor) De Cou, both representatives of old families of New Jersey.


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