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Notes for John Colshull and Emilina Hywisshe

Catholic Genealogies states that [1]

Emelina married "1st, Sir Robert Tresilian, Knt. Chief Justice of the King's Bench." He was "accused of high treason, and executed at Tyburn 19 Feb. 1387-8. Inq. post mort. 12 Ric. II, No. 89." She was his second wife.

Robert Tresilian's first wife was Emma, widow of Richard Recote. Emma and Richard had a daughter Elizabeth, and Emma, by then the wife of Robert, died in the minority of Elizabeth. Elizabeth came of age in I Richard II., and she was the wife of John Tynteyne by 1389. Examination of land held by Robert Tresilian after his execution resulted in an "order for livery to said John and Elizabeth. Rot. Claus., 12 Ric. II." [2]

Robert "was created Justice of the King's Bench 6 May 1378. Rot. Claus. 1 Ric Ii., pars unica." "Dec. 9, 1381, Order to pay the official salary of Sir Robert Tresilian £40 per annum. Rot. Exit. Mich, 5 Ric. II."

Robert and Emelina had children "John Tresilian, son and heir. Indicted in Parliament, Monday after Holy Cross, anno 21. Rot. Claus. 23 Ric. Ric. II. [September 1999]" and "Emmelin Tresilian, da. and heiress" who married "John Hawley of Dartmouth. Ob. May 1436, buried at Dartmouth. Inq. p.m. 15 Hen. VI., No. 47." The great grandson of Emmelin Tresilian and John Hawley, "Ralph Coplestone of Coplestone. Born 1455," married "Ellen, da. of Sir John Arundell of Lanherne" (1421-1473) by his second wife, Katherine Chidiock.

"Sir John Colshull, Knt., Citizen and Vintner of London and of Tremodret," married "Emelina" daughter of "Sir Richard Hywisshe, Kt., of Chagford, co. Devon" and Alice, "da. of Ralph Blancminster (de Albo Monaterio)." The source for the marriage of John and Emelina is "30 Nov. 1388, Emma, widow of R. Tresilian, mar. in parish of St. John the Evangelist, in Frideystrete, John Colshull, Citizen and Vintner of London. Rot. Claus. 12 Ric. II., pars unica."

"A petition of John Colshull and Emma his wife with regard to certain lands" is recorded in "Inq. p.m. 14 Ric. II (1390-91), No. 101."
Notes about John state "arms of Colshull: Chequy or and sable, a chief argent, guttée de sang. Procured a grant of the manor of Tremodret (Tremedart), forfeited by the attainder of Sir Robert Tresilian."
Emelina died "14 October 1413. Vinc. 56, p. 196. Inq.p.m. 1 Hen. V., No. 36."


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